About us

PNJ is not one to shy away from competition. In 2012, it releases its first action cam, offering the same technical features as the leading action cams on the market at this time but for a price 100€ lower. PNJ also makes a difference by offering very complete accessories sets : our products are not only made for athletes, they can adapt to a whole range of use and all it takes is to have the right equipment.

PNJ is very attentive to its users’ expectations and this is how it positioned itself as a pioneer in launching camera drones and image stabilizers aiming to the general public.

Today, PNJ is selling high-tech products but it is also a manufacturer in order to offer a very complete range of equipments. We are the exclusive dealer of AEE cam action, Feiyu stabilizers or UBtech humanoid robots.


PNJ is not only about selling high-tech products, it is about values such as conviviality and sharing with the world. In that spirit, we team up with and accompany people that inspire us in their daily adventures whether they are riders, photographer, military or globetrotters. Find out about their journey !


In order to make its products accessible to as many people as possible, PNJ is relying on a cross-channel strategy combining web sales via its pnj-cam.com site and the main marketplaces (Amazon, Rue du Commerce, C-Discount), and a network of big retailers and specialty boutiques throughout France (FNAC, Auchan, Carrefour, Conforama, Boulanger, System U, etc.)