ALLROAD Action cam

ALLROAD Action cam

The Allroad cam allows you to record all your sports exploits in Full HD or even in 4K. The memories will remain engraved in your memory but the easiest way to share your emotions with your friends and family is to record them ! Diving, cycling, surfing, climbing, hiking, the Allroad cam is also suitable for family selfies. Everyone will be happy !

Your good memories deserve the best resolution

The Allroad cam allows you to make recordings at the…

The Allroad cam allows you to make recordings at the height of the good times you live. Your action cam allows you to shoot in Full HD or 4K in oreder to record all the good times with accuracy.
The Full HD resolution is perfect for outdoor shooting because it allows accurate color and brightness re-transmission while also offering a recording speed of 60 frames per second (it’s twice as many frames as in a movie theater) that will allow you to record the movements with precision and fluidity.
The 4K is obtained via software processing which explains how affordable the Allroad is compared to other 4K cams while still offering a breathtaking image quality.

Perfect for your water activities, the Allroad is waterproof, without caisson, up to 5m

If you’re looking for a compact yet resistant sports camera, the Allroad will be perfect for you. Designed with a silicone shell, it can withstand splashes and can even be completely put under water ! So you can shoot or take pictures under water up to 5m deep without using a waterproof case.
Thanks to its design, waterproofness and the many accessories included in the pack, the Allroad is designed to come along with you everywhere while remaining practical.

If you’re looking for a compact yet resistant sports camera,…
You will receive a full range of accessories such as…

You will receive a full range of accessories such as adhesive fasteners to place your camera on a surface (board, dashboard, etc.), a helmet mount, a handlebar mount, extensions that allow you to hold your camera vertically or horizontally (convenient if you attach your Allroad to a handlebar or a chest harness (not included)). Beyond these accessories, your camera will be supplied with essential elements such as a charging cable and a user manual.

Many modes and functions to let your imagination run wild

The Allroad offers rather classic modes for a cam action :

  • The burst mode allows you to make a large number of pictures in a short time. The Allroad lets you choose the number of photos: 3, 5 or 10 in 1 second. It’s a perfect way to isolate the right moment in a moving scene.
  • The timelapse mode always makes an impression by allowing you to make accelerated videos. The operation of this mode is simple: your camera captures an image at regular intervals and then assembles the frames together to form a video.
  • You can also slow down with the 1080p60ips “slow motion” mode.
In addition, you have a wide angle of 130°, which…

In addition, you have a wide angle of 130°, which allows your camera to better focus on the objects to produce quality photos and sharper videos. You can also choose the width of your field to realize panoramic, wide or normal shots.

You can also activate the digital stabilization option of your camera. Thus, the camera will process your video after recording to make it sharper.

Lastly, the Allroad is designed for action ! So it takes a number of settings that will help you get the best out of the scene you want to immortalize. Thus, in a few clicks you can apply a black and white filter, Sepia, Hot, Cold or Negative. No need to lose yourself in the settings of your camera to make manual adjustments.

Lastly, the Allroad is designed for action ! So it…
ALLROAD Action cam


Camera :

Dimensions : 72 x 48 x 35 mm
Weight : 120g

Battery :

800mAh Lithium Battery
Autonomy : 70min

Components :

Sensor : Sony IMX179 CMOS
Processor : Allwinner V3
Lens : f/2.8


Image :

Photo resolution : Up to 8MP
Video resolution : 
4K25ips (interpolated), 1080p60ips
Angle de vue :
 130° Wide angle

Data and connection :

Wifi : Transmission up to 100m
Bluetooth : No
Ports : microHDMI, miniUSB, microSD
External storage : microSD de classe 10 minimum et de 64Gb max (non inclus)
Output : mp4, jpeg, wav
App : ALLROAD (available for Android and iOS)

Functions :

Burst mode
Slow motion

Complete set of mounting

Up-to 5m waterproof camera without a case


Included in the pack : 1x Allroad Cam 1x Lithium…

Included in the pack :

1x Allroad Cam
1x Lithium Battery
1x Handlebar Mount
1x Vertical Mounting
1x Horizontal mounting
1x Extended mounting
1x Helmet Mount
2x 3M Adhesive Fasteners
1x USB Cable
1x User Manual

Your question about the Allroad

Stéphane : Is there a waterproof case compatible with the Allroad action cam ? As I spend time on boats, the product is interesting to use without a case, but I also do underwater fishing under 5m …

Unfortunately, the Allroad camera was designed to be waterproof without a case, so we do not offer a compatible waterproof case. For aquatic activities that require descending more than 5m deep, we would recommend that you look for models with watertight cases up to 30 or even 100m.