Drones are everywhere and now you can even have one at home. Indeed, whatever your level of expertise, you can now easily buy a PNJ leisure drone.

  • R-Speed racer drone

    Experience a 120km/h flying speed for less than 300€

  • R RAPTOR HD camera drone

    Foldable HD camera drone

    1. Foldable pocket droneFoldable pocket drone
    2. Control via smartphone (App R Raptor HD)Control via smartphone (App R Raptor HD)
    3. HD Video : 720pHD Video : 720p
    4. 2 batteries included2 batteries included
    5. Autonomy : 7 minutes + 7 minutesAutonomy : 7 minutes + 7 minutes
    1. Alti modeAlti mode
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  • SIMI HD drone

    1. 2MP HD camera2MP HD camera
    2. 8-minutes fly autonomy8-minutes fly autonomy
    3. RC reach : 30mRC reach : 30m
    4. 500mAH battery500mAH battery
    5. Complete charge in 90-120 minutesComplete charge in 90-120 minutes
    1. Direction lock functionDirection lock function
    2. Return to home functionReturn to home function
    3. Alti modeAlti mode
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