Drones are everywhere and now you can even have one at home. Indeed, whatever your level of expertise, you can now easily buy a PNJ leisure drone.

  • R NANO Wifi Pocket drone

    The R NANO WIFI is a pocket drone that is both quick and agile. It's the perfect drone if you want to learn how to pilot a racer. You can easily take it with you wherever you go to test your pilot skills on different terrains. It has a built-in HD camera and a wifi function so the R NANO WIFI allows you to immortalize your races and flight sessions with videos and high-flying shots in 720p20ips. That's not all ! Thanks to its wifi function, you can now get a livestream to your smartphone via the dedicated application. Insert your smartphone into a VR headset (not included in this pack) and enjoy a full immersion flight experience. Discover this small drone that is both simple and durable, perfect for beginners and advanced pilots with its 3 available speeds that adapt to your level of mastery. As it can fly both indoors and outdoors, you will be able to try numerous flying spots.

    1. 2.4GHz wifi function2.4GHz wifi function
    2. 720p20ips HD camera720p20ips HD camera
    3. Control via smartphone or radio controllerControl via smartphone or radio controller
    4. 3 speeds available3 speeds available
    5. 2 batteries included2 batteries included
    1. Autonomy : 6 minutes + 6 minutesAutonomy : 6 minutes + 6 minutes
    2. Direction lockDirection lock
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  • R-FLYER HD Drone

    The R-FLYER HD by PNJ is a drone with dynamic design that offers the opportunity to advanced drone pilots and to beginners to shoot aerial video in 720p HD. Chose the angle of the camera manually to make sure the shot is well framed and take off! This drone is very easy to handle with its radio controller or a smartphone thanks to several functions that simplify the flight : Direction lock, Alti mode, auto takeoff and landing, etc. Thanks to its 2.4GHz wifi function, you can also connect your smartphone to your drone via the PNJ SKY application to enjoy live video feedback.

    1. 720p30ips HD camera720p30ips HD camera
    2. Control via radio controller or smartphoneControl via radio controller or smartphone
    3. 2 batteries included2 batteries included
    4. 3 speeds available3 speeds available
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  • R FALCON FHD drone

    The R-Falcon looks brand new with this new version of the flagship PNJ drone. Check out the R-Falcon FHD, it is now equipped with a Full HD Wide Angle Camera. This model perfectly combines video quality, simplicity of piloting and fun. Beginners and advanced users will enjoy flying it thanks to functions designed to facilitate flying such as Alti mode (auto-stabilization) or automatic take-off / landing. We also added a touch of fun as your R-Falcon FHD is capable of performing 360 ° flips. Beware of seasickness!

    1. Caméra photo/vidéo : 2MP - FULL HD 1080p25ips - 160°Caméra photo/vidéo : 2MP - FULL HD 1080p25ips - 160°
    2. 2 batteries incluses dans le pack2 batteries incluses dans le pack
    3. 12 minutes + 12 minutes12 minutes + 12 minutes
    4. Pilotage par RC (100m) ou smarthone (50m)Pilotage par RC (100m) ou smarthone (50m)
    5. PNJ ZONE (iOS et Android)PNJ ZONE (iOS et Android)
    1. Vol auto stationnaireVol auto stationnaire
    2. Bouton d'arrêt d'urgenceBouton d'arrêt d'urgence
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  • R-Traveler drone with its Full HD action camera

    The R Traveler Full HD is not equiped with a built-in camera but it comes with a nacelle and a FHD camera you can install in it or that you can use as a regular sports camera ! This drone is both powerful and agile. It offers you versatility, performance and autonomy. Indeed, if you remove the camera support and the landing gear, you get a lighter racing drone combining speed and agility ! With the nacelle and camera on, you can realize beautiful aerial shots. The camera complementing your drone is a PNJ60. It will allow you to shoot videos in Full HD 1080p30ips. Moreover, it can be controlled from the ground via your smartphone thanks to its wifi connection and the dedicated PNJ60 app (Android and iOS). The camera is also equipped with an LCD screen that will allow you to view your creations live. Even without its camera, the R traveler is still a powerful drone equipped with 4 brushless motors. These give it an optimal power of propulsion which allows him to remain stable and manageable for any occasion. These engines allow your drone to gain power while saving the battery. So your drone moves easily and quickly. The R Traveler FHD thus combines high performance, range and power of flight.

  • R INSTANT FHD Camera drone

    The R-Instant FHD is a drone specially developed for lovers of very high definition photography and video. As it is equipped with a high-end camera and brushless motors, it allows you to create quality content indoors and outdoors as well. Its built-in camera is motorized and steerable directly from your smartphone to help you make great videos. It will allow you to shoot in Full HD and even 4K.

    1. Full HDFull HD
    2. Autonomy : 15 minutesAutonomy : 15 minutes
    3. Brushless motorsBrushless motors
    4. Control via smartphone with R INSTANT FHD appControl via smartphone with R INSTANT FHD app
    5. Double satellite : GPS + GLONASSDouble satellite : GPS + GLONASS
    1. FollowMeFollowMe
    2. Carrying case includedCarrying case included
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  • SPARROW 360 camera drone by AEE

    The SPARROW 360° camera drone by AEE might be the ideal selfie drone! Lightweight and durable, it comes fully assembled and ready for use in its carrying case. Its design is both innovative and refined, perfectly designed for shooting both indoor and outdoor.

    1. Ready-to-fly drone in its carrying caseReady-to-fly drone in its carrying case
    2. 2 batteries included2 batteries included
    3. Flight autonomy : 10minutes + 10minutesFlight autonomy : 10minutes + 10minutes
    4. Wifi (Transmission up to 30m)Wifi (Transmission up to 30m)
    5. 360° photo/video function360° photo/video function
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  • R-Speed racer drone

    The R-Speed is a good drone if you want to make your first steps in the world of racers. For a very affordable price compared to other racing drones on the market, your R-Speed can reach the speed of 120km/h.

  • R Racer, racing drone

    The R Racer is a racing drone designed for all of those who enjoy speed. Its glass fiber frame ensures optimal lightness for a powerful acceleration but also increased autonomy.

    1. age : 18+age : 18+
    2. Racer droneRacer drone
    3. Max speed : 100km/hMax speed : 100km/h
    4. Atonomy of 10minutesAtonomy of 10minutes
    5. Built-in FPV CameraBuilt-in FPV Camera
    1. Control via RC up to 200mControl via RC up to 200m
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  • R VELOCITY racer drone

    The R-Velocity is ideal for an introduction to the world of racer drones. Its brushless motors offer optimal propulsion power that allows your drone to reach 12m/s. With this drone, you have a perfectly balanced engin between speed and maneuverability. The R-Velocity is complemented with a long range radio controller allowing you to control it from a distance of up to 300 meters. The controller will also let you know when the drone went out of reach or when the battery is running low. You will also enjoy the built-in high quality camera that will allow you to easily record all your adventures. It is recommended to use FPV goggles (not included) to optimize your flight experience with total immersion experience.

    1. Racer droneRacer drone
    2. Autonomy : 12minutesAutonomy : 12minutes
    3. Radio controller (Range : 300m)Radio controller (Range : 300m)
    4. FPV HD CameraFPV HD Camera
    5. 12m/s speed12m/s speed
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  • R NANO HD pocket drone

    The R Nano is a nice little drone that you can easily take with you wherever you go. It is both compact and lightweight to allow you to take aerial shots at any time. With its built-in HD camera, the R Nano HD lets you shoot high-end video in 720p20ips and photos. Thanks to its small size of 10cm by 9cm, this drone is a master key that will allow you to find original points of view. Easy to use and robust whether you are a beginner or a confirmed pilot, this drone is ideal for real life scenarios both outdoors and indoors. With its two batteries, it also gives you an extended autonomy of 6 extra minutes. The R-Nano HD comes with a radio controller that allows you to control it with precision in all situations. Easily perform acrobatics and change gears with a simple push of joysticks.

  • R-Falcon HD drone

    This drone was designed with the pleasure of thrill seekers always in mind. It offers a flight experience in total immersion weither you are on smartphone or even using a virtual reality gear. The R-Falcon HD is a perfect combination between technology and simplicity : just place your smartphone in the center of the radio-controller and fully enjoy the live retransmission from your drone's wifi camera. This same remot will allow you to trigger all the functions with a simple clic. Use it to trigger the wifi camera and realize breathtaking photos and videos. With its battery, you will be able to fly your drone for around 10 minutes and take photos from a distance, with a new perspective.

    1. 720p HD wifi camera720p HD wifi camera
    2. Pack drone Xiro Xplorer G avec nacelle stabilisée pour GoProAuto flight route mode
    3. Alti modeAlti mode
    4. CF mode (headless)CF mode (headless)
    5. 850mAh 3,7V Li-Po battery850mAh 3,7V Li-Po battery
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  • R RAPTOR HD camera drone

    The R Raptor HD is a compact and lightweight foldable drone that will easily accompany you in all your comings and goings. We also provide a carrying case with a compartment specially designed to store your drone so you can keep it safe when you are on the go. Once arrived at your destination and as soon as you wish to use your drone, simply take it out of its carrying case, unfold its arms and connect the battery to take off!

    1. Foldable pocket droneFoldable pocket drone
    2. Control via smartphone (App R Raptor HD)Control via smartphone (App R Raptor HD)
    3. HD Video : 720pHD Video : 720p
    4. 2 batteries included2 batteries included
    5. Autonomy : 7 minutes + 7 minutesAutonomy : 7 minutes + 7 minutes
    1. Alti modeAlti mode
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  • R-SIYOU HD pocket drone

    The R-Siyou HD is a pocket-sized drone with a compact design. It is easy to use and intuitive to adapt to its environment. Supplied with a carrying case and protection, the R-Siyou HD is controllable from your smartphone (range: 30-50m) via the dedicated App R-SIYOU HD. When everything is so simple, all you have to do is enjoy your flight session and perform aerial acrobatics, flip 360 ̊ after flip. Supplied with two removable batteries that provide a dual flight experience, the R-Siyou HD offers a total battery life of 16 minutes (2 x 8 minutes). Your R-Siyou HD is easy to carry. At the same time modern and compact, you can carry it with all its accessories in your pocket or in its specially designed protective case. Reinforced and spacious, it will protect your drone on any occasion.

    1. Foldable and resistant droneFoldable and resistant drone
    2. 720P HD camera720P HD camera
    3. Piloting via smartphone with R-Siyou HD appPiloting via smartphone with R-Siyou HD app
    4. 2 batteries included2 batteries included
    5. Autonomy : 8minutes + 8minutesAutonomy : 8minutes + 8minutes
    1. Alti modeAlti mode
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  • SIMI HD drone

    Behind a simple and refined design, hides a high concentrate of technology put at the reach of the general public. The SIMI is a very compact drone thanks to its retractable arms. Fold it back and keep it in your pocket. You will then be able to take it wherever you want with no difficulty: for a picnic, an evening, on a holiday, there are many opportunities!

    1. 2MP HD camera2MP HD camera
    2. 8-minutes fly autonomy8-minutes fly autonomy
    3. RC reach : 30mRC reach : 30m
    4. 500mAH battery500mAH battery
    5. Complete charge in 90-120 minutesComplete charge in 90-120 minutes
    1. Direction lock functionDirection lock function
    2. Return to home functionReturn to home function
    3. Alti modeAlti mode
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  • R-Explorer HD PNJ drone

    This drone represents a perfect introduction into the world of drones. With reasonable dimensions of 34 x 34 cm and light weight, the R Explorer is more suitable for indoor flights. It can also be used outdoors if the weather conditions are optimal. Even if it is not recommended for a person under 14+ to be using the R Explorer HD without an adult, this drone is a very safe and affordable device to get your hands on. The R-Explorer is piloted via radio controller up to a distance of 80m. The R-Explorer HD is also equipped with an HD camera that will allow you to make videos in 720p25ips. This camera is removable, you also have the choice to install it or not to ensure that your drone will be as light as possible to chain flips.

    1. Removable 720p25ips HD cameraRemovable 720p25ips HD camera
    2. Autonomy from 6 to 8 minutesAutonomy from 6 to 8 minutes
    3. Control via radio controller (range: 80m)Control via radio controller (range: 80m)
    4. 3 flight speeds available3 flight speeds available
    5. 360° flip360° flip
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  • Discovery Wifi HD drone

    This model is ideal for novice drivers. Simple to use and easy to maneuver, the DISCOVERY WIFI HD is also designed to withstand shocks through its integrated propeller protections. The unusual design of its hull allows to fully protect the quadricopter 4 propellers.

    1. Wifi 720p cameraWifi 720p camera
    2. Flip 360Flip 360
    3. 6-to-8 minute autonomy6-to-8 minute autonomy
    4. Control via remote and smartphoneControl via remote and smartphone
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  • Discovery HD drone

    DISCOVERY is equipped with a removable camera that is able to shoot and film in HD 720p30ips. The trigger is done directly on the radio control and data are stored on a Micro SD card (not included, up to 32Go).

  • Xiro Xplorer G drone pack with stabilized nacelle for GoPro 3 and 4

    GoPRO 3 and 4 Action cam users will love the Xiro Xplorer G as it will allow them to enjoy new points of view. With this drone, your camera get higher and higher. Start shooting breathtaking aerial shots.

    1. Flight autonomy : 25minutesFlight autonomy : 25minutes
    2. Contorl via radio controller and smartphoneContorl via radio controller and smartphone
    3. Stabilized nacelle for your GoProStabilized nacelle for your GoPro
    4. Age : 18+Age : 18+
    5. Application : Wi XIRO (iOS and Android)Application : Wi XIRO (iOS and Android)
    1. Pack drone Xiro Xplorer G avec nacelle stabilisée pour GoProFlight path programming
    2. Alti mode and direction lockAlti mode and direction lock
    3. Return to HomeReturn to Home
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  • DOBBY Pocket drone

    Designed specifically to give your selfies a new perspective, DOBBY is equipped with a 13 megapixel camera that enables you to take pictures and shoot in 4K at 30 frames per second. Its Qualcomm processors allow it, in addition to managing the flight, to run a 3-axis digital stabilization system of high precision, for a result in 1080p.

    1. Pocket dronePocket drone
    2. UHD 4K 30ipsUHD 4K 30ips
    3. Control via smartphoneControl via smartphone
    5. 2.4GHz-5GHz wifi2.4GHz-5GHz wifi
    1. Pack drone Xiro Xplorer G avec nacelle stabilisée pour GoProFollow snap 2.0
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  • URANOS Drone

    The Uranos is a very simple drone to take control on, you can have access to real-time video feedback on your smartphone up to 30m and its 6 axis gyroscope allows it to integrate the ALTI function allowing the drone to maintain its position In height and thus performing a hover; Ideal for aerial shots.

    1. Wifi cameraWifi camera
    2. Control via smartphone and radio-controllerControl via smartphone and radio-controller
    3. Real-time video displayReal-time video display
    4. ALTI ModeALTI Mode
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  • TORUK AP10 PRO Drone

    The Toruk AP10 pro is equipped with a built-in mini camera with CMOS sensor that will allow you to take photos in 16MP and videos in Full HD 1080p60ips! The Toruk AP10 pro cemara is already stabilized on a vertical axis and you can also modify its orientation at an angle of 0 to 90 ° via your radio-controler for amazing panoramic shots. The photo and video is also triggered directly on the R / C.

    1. 20 minutes autonomy20 minutes autonomy
    2. Control distanceControl distance
    3. GPSGPS
    4. Adjustable cameraAdjustable camera
    5. Return to HomeReturn to Home
    1. iOS and Android AppiOS and Android App
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  • SUPER-FLY Drone

    Even if the Super-fly is an indoor drone, its dimensions and weight, superior to the other models of mini-drones, give it a very good stability and allow it to realize flights outdoors in calm weather. Its built-in camera allows you to make aerial shots in VGA 30fps and save them directly to your smartphone via a wifi connection.

    1. Mini-droneMini-drone
    2. Wifi cameraWifi camera
    3. 360° Flip360° Flip
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  • DR-60 W Drone

    Easily control your DR-60W up to 80m with the radio-controler included in the pack. Begin to familiarize yourself with the piloting of your drone at slow speed. Once you get comfortable, you can move on to higher gear and gat to your first loopings! Fixed under the drone, the camera of the DR-60 W allows you to immortalize your learning.

    1. Wifi cameraWifi camera
    2. Control distanceControl distance
    3. Real-time video displayReal-time video display
    4. 360° Flip360° Flip
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  • DR-SMART HD Drone

    Fixed under the drone, the DR-SMART's removable camera can be easily installed and removed. It allows you to capture photos and videos in HD 720p 30ips from your smartphone, thanks to the application PNJfly. Manually orient the camera before takeoff and frame your plans with real-time visualization on your smartphone ! The pictures are stored directly in the memory of your camera or on a MicroSD card (not included).

    1. Removable cameraRemovable camera
    2. Wifi cameraWifi camera
    3. Control via radio-controllerControl via radio-controller
    4. Real-time video displayReal-time video display
    5. Direction lockDirection lock
    1. 360° Flip360° Flip
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  • DISCOVERY Lite Drone

    You have to start somewhere before moving to more powerful models of drones, the ideal is to learn to pilot on a model like the Discovery Lite. Easy to use, stable and equiped protective chassis, you can also attach to it a removable camera that will unable you to take aerial shots in VGA 30ips.

    1. Removable cameraRemovable camera
    2. Control distanceControl distance
    3. 360° Flip360° Flip
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  • AERO-1 Drone

    The Aero-1 is an indoor drone designed for your entertainment and thus whose use is as simple as possible. Pilot the drone directly via your smartphone using the joysticks on the application or again by tilting your smartphone. Moreover, thanks to the Direction Lock function available on this model you can fly more easily, without having to constantly look for the nose of the drone.

    1. Mini-droneMini-drone
    2. Wifi cameraWifi camera
    3. Control via smartphone and radio-controllerControl via smartphone and radio-controller
    4. 360° Flip360° Flip
    5. Direction lockDirection lock
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  • PETRONE Fighter Drone

    The PETRONE Fighter is a drone made for duels: in offline mode, your drone sends invisible missiles to its opponent via infrared. In online mode, you can create a personal profile and access various scalable battle weapons. Choose a name, a different LED color from your opponent and go !

    1. Battle droneBattle drone
    2. Optical flow stabilisation
    3. BluetoothBluetooth
    4. Pack drone Xiro Xplorer G avec nacelle stabilisée pour GoProFlight planification
    5. Android and iOS AppAndroid and iOS App
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  • VEGA Drone

    The VEGA drone is an interior drone, but it does not lack the functionality ! It is equipped with propellers with 3 blades, offering more stability in flight. You can also select 3 speeds or do loops ! Completed with a built-in camera for capturing photos and videos in 720p HD.

    1. Mini-droneMini-drone
    2. Wifi cameraWifi camera
    3. Control via smartphone or radio-controllerControl via smartphone or radio-controller
    4. 360° Flip360° Flip
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  • CICADA+ Drone

    The Cicada + doesn't look like any other drone : it measures 238x238x87mm and weighs 240g. Its inverted propellers, mounted on the lower part of the drone, differentiate it from other drones and give it a better propulsion. They are protected by propeller guards and landing gear. Its mat black and orange mat is sublimated by a soft-touch finish.

    1. Built-in cameraBuilt-in camera
    2. Stabilisation 3 axesStabilisation 3 axes
    3. GPSGPS
    4. Control distance
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