Drones are everywhere and now you can even have one at home. Indeed, whatever your level of expertise, you can now easily buy a PNJ leisure drone.

  • R NANO Wifi Pocket drone

    Wifi mini-racing drone for FPV flight sessions

    1. 2.4GHz wifi function2.4GHz wifi function
    2. 720p20ips HD camera720p20ips HD camera
    3. Control via smartphone or radio controllerControl via smartphone or radio controller
    4. 3 speeds available3 speeds available
    5. 2 batteries included2 batteries included
    1. Autonomy : 6 minutes + 6 minutesAutonomy : 6 minutes + 6 minutes
    2. Direction lockDirection lock
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  • R-FLYER HD Drone

    A dynamic looking drone for HD aerial shots

    1. 720p30ips HD camera720p30ips HD camera
    2. Control via radio controller or smartphoneControl via radio controller or smartphone
    3. 2 batteries included2 batteries included
    4. 3 speeds available3 speeds available
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  • R FALCON FHD drone

    Here comes the R-FALCON FHD with its 1080p25ips camera

    1. Caméra photo/vidéo : 2MP - FULL HD 1080p25ips - 160°Caméra photo/vidéo : 2MP - FULL HD 1080p25ips - 160°
    2. 2 batteries incluses dans le pack2 batteries incluses dans le pack
    3. 12 minutes + 12 minutes12 minutes + 12 minutes
    4. Pilotage par RC (100m) ou smarthone (50m)Pilotage par RC (100m) ou smarthone (50m)
    5. PNJ ZONE (iOS et Android)PNJ ZONE (iOS et Android)
    1. Vol auto stationnaireVol auto stationnaire
    2. Bouton d'arrêt d'urgenceBouton d'arrêt d'urgence
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  • R-Traveler drone with its Full HD action camera

  • R INSTANT FHD Camera drone

    Foldable Full HD drone

    1. Full HDFull HD
    2. Autonomy : 15 minutesAutonomy : 15 minutes
    3. Brushless motorsBrushless motors
    4. Control via smartphone with R INSTANT FHD appControl via smartphone with R INSTANT FHD app
    5. Double satellite : GPS + GLONASSDouble satellite : GPS + GLONASS
    1. FollowMeFollowMe
    2. Carrying case includedCarrying case included
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  • SPARROW 360 camera drone by AEE

    A video drone that is both secure and intuitive

    1. Ready-to-fly drone in its carrying caseReady-to-fly drone in its carrying case
    2. 2 batteries included2 batteries included
    3. Flight autonomy : 10minutes + 10minutesFlight autonomy : 10minutes + 10minutes
    4. Wifi (Transmission up to 30m)Wifi (Transmission up to 30m)
    5. 360° photo/video function360° photo/video function
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  • R-Speed racer drone

    Experience a 120km/h flying speed for less than 300€

  • R Racer, racing drone

    An affordable but powerful racer able to reach 100km/h for pilots wishing to take part in drone races.

    1. age : 18+age : 18+
    2. Racer droneRacer drone
    3. Max speed : 100km/hMax speed : 100km/h
    4. Atonomy of 10minutesAtonomy of 10minutes
    5. Built-in FPV CameraBuilt-in FPV Camera
    1. Control via RC up to 200mControl via RC up to 200m
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  • R VELOCITY racer drone

    A racing drone perfectly combining speed and agility

    1. Racer droneRacer drone
    2. Autonomy : 12minutesAutonomy : 12minutes
    3. Radio controller (Range : 300m)Radio controller (Range : 300m)
    4. FPV HD CameraFPV HD Camera
    5. 12m/s speed12m/s speed
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  • R-Falcon HD drone

    The R-Falcon HD is an ergonomic drone designed to give pilots a total immersion flight experience

    1. 720p HD wifi camera720p HD wifi camera
    2. Pack drone Xiro Xplorer G avec nacelle stabilisée pour GoProAuto flight route mode
    3. Alti modeAlti mode
    4. CF mode (headless)CF mode (headless)
    5. 850mAh 3,7V Li-Po battery850mAh 3,7V Li-Po battery
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  • R RAPTOR HD camera drone

    Foldable HD camera drone

    1. Foldable pocket droneFoldable pocket drone
    2. Control via smartphone (App R Raptor HD)Control via smartphone (App R Raptor HD)
    3. HD Video : 720pHD Video : 720p
    4. 2 batteries included2 batteries included
    5. Autonomy : 7 minutes + 7 minutesAutonomy : 7 minutes + 7 minutes
    1. Alti modeAlti mode
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  • R-SIYOU HD pocket drone

    Small foldable HD camera drone with 2 batteries in its carrying case

    1. Foldable and resistant droneFoldable and resistant drone
    2. 720P HD camera720P HD camera
    3. Piloting via smartphone with R-Siyou HD appPiloting via smartphone with R-Siyou HD app
    4. 2 batteries included2 batteries included
    5. Autonomy : 8minutes + 8minutesAutonomy : 8minutes + 8minutes
    1. Alti modeAlti mode
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  • SIMI HD drone

    1. 2MP HD camera2MP HD camera
    2. 8-minutes fly autonomy8-minutes fly autonomy
    3. RC reach : 30mRC reach : 30m
    4. 500mAH battery500mAH battery
    5. Complete charge in 90-120 minutesComplete charge in 90-120 minutes
    1. Direction lock functionDirection lock function
    2. Return to home functionReturn to home function
    3. Alti modeAlti mode
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  • Discovery Wifi HD drone

    Perfect to get you started in the drone universe

    1. Wifi 720p cameraWifi 720p camera
    2. Flip 360Flip 360
    3. 6-to-8 minute autonomy6-to-8 minute autonomy
    4. Control via remote and smartphoneControl via remote and smartphone
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  • URANOS Drone

    Its 6-axis gyroscope makes it easier to keep it steady for better aerial shots

    1. Wifi cameraWifi camera
    2. Control via smartphone and radio-controllerControl via smartphone and radio-controller
    3. Real-time video displayReal-time video display
    4. ALTI ModeALTI Mode
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  • SUPER-FLY Drone

    The biggest of mini-drones. Immortalise your best memories with its removable camera

    1. Mini-droneMini-drone
    2. Wifi cameraWifi camera
    3. 360° Flip360° Flip
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  • DISCOVERY Lite Drone

    Thanks to its built-in camera, this user-friendly and powerful drone immortalizes everything it flies over

    1. Removable cameraRemovable camera
    2. Control distanceControl distance
    3. 360° Flip360° Flip
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