R RAPTOR HD camera drone

R RAPTOR HD camera drone

HD 720p photo and video

Your R Raptor HD drone has been developed to make it easy for you to create stable, high-definition videos and stills. It is equipped with a HD camera that will allow you to make videos in 720p.

This camera is not only used to record content directly on your smartphone, you can also get a live feedback of what your drone’s camera is filming. Thus, you can connect your R Raptor HD to a VR headset (not included in the initial pack) to enjoy an immersive flight experience.

Your R Raptor HD drone has been developed to make…

A very intuitive HD camera drone

Perfect for both beginners and advanced users, the R Raptor HD is easily controlled from your smartphone from a distance of up to 30 to 50m. No need to learn how to handle a radio control, the experience is always easy and fun. Pairing is done via a wifi connection and the dedicated application R-Raptor HD available on Android and iOS.

R RAPTOR HD camera drone
Another piloting mode is also available and will be appreciated…

Another piloting mode is also available and will be appreciated by less experienced users or those who want to test a new method of piloting. The sensory mode allows you to direct your R Raptor HD simply by tilting your smartphone to the left or right or forwards or backwards.

The R-Raptor HD has an Alti mode that helps you maintain the level of your drone without having to always adjust the throttle level. You can also activate the direction lock mode that will help you to control your drone more simply.

You will also be able to automate the take-off and landing phases to optimize the use of your battery and focus on your flight phase.

Do not waste a minute before your firt flight

Your drone is complemented with an extra battery to allow you to extend your flight time. Each 359mAH 7.4V Li-Po battery gives you a flight time of 7 minutes. When one of the batteries is empty, replace it easily with the second battery provided to keep flying while you plug it in using the supplied USB charger. For even more flight time, additional batteries will soon be available for purchase on PNJ.fr.

R RAPTOR HD camera drone

On the other hand, the R Raptor HD is completed with a carrying case so you can take your drone with you safely. If the R Raptor HD has the advantage of being foldable, which makes it very compact, you will probably prefer to keep it safe when traveling.

Main features


Foldable HD Camera Drone
Flight environment: Indoor and outdoor

Size: 165 x 195 x 40 mm
Weight: 96g
Age: 14 +


1 extra battery included in the pack
359mAH 7.4V Li-Po battery
Autonomy: 7 minutes + 7 minutes


Built-in HD Camera
Video resolution: 720p


Smartphone control
Range: 30-50m
Flight Planning: No
Sensory control: Yes, just control your drone by tilting your smartphone


Wifi: Yes, image transmission and return up to 30m to 50m via the R RAPTOR HD app (iOS and Android)


Headless mode (Direction lock)
Automatic take-off / landing
Alti mode


Included in the pack: 1X R-Raptor HD 2X 350mAH 7.4V…

Included in the pack:

1X R-Raptor HD
2X 350mAH 7.4V Battery
4X Spare propellers
1X USB charger
1X Screwdriver
1X Propeller guards
1X Carrying case
1X User Manual