It can never be said often enough that robots are the pedagogical tools of tomorrow. Indeed, new technologies are taking an increasingly important place in our lives. Future generations will automatically learn how to program so why not start today?

  • Croc&Play by eBotics

  • Code&Drive by eBotics

  • The Mini Lab by eBotics

  • Build&Code Plus by eBotics

  • Robot arm by eBotics

  • Jimu Robot – TankBot

    Build and program your crawler-based robot and go for off-road adventures

    1. Jimu Robot – Kit Inventor

      Wolf, giraffe or rhinoceros, assemble the pieces to create and program your own robots

      1. 16 servomotors16 servomotors
      2. 675 pieces and connectors675 pieces and connectors
      3. Animated instructions in 3DAnimated instructions in 3D
      4. Control via smartphoneControl via smartphone
      5. JIMU community
    2. Jimu Robot – Kit Explorator

      T-rex, penguin, parrot ... let your imagination express itself and program your robots

      1. 7 servomotors7 servomotors
      2. 372 pieces and connectors372 pieces and connectors
      3. 3D animated instructions3D animated instructions
      4. Control via smartphoneControl via smartphone
      5. JIMU Community
    3. Jimu robot – Mini Kit

      Everything you need to start building and programming your first robots

      1. 4 servomotors4 servomotors