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Batterie 1000mAh rechargeable

1000mAH rechargeable battery

The LITHIUM 1000mAh RECHARGEABLE BATTERY can be used for AEE MAGICAM sports cameras.

This LITHIUM 1000mAh BATTERY can be used as a backup or replacement battery for your AEE MAGICAM, and has an operating time of about 2h30.

You can charge it inside the camera by connecting the USB cable (included in the camera pack and sold separately), to a computer or an AC adapter (sold separately). When traveling by car, you can also opt for the cigarette lighter power supply (sold separately).

Compatible with the following sports cameras:

  • AEE SD23G
  • AEE SD23
  • AEE SD21
  • AEESD19
  • AEE SD18
  • AEE SD100
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