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AEE S60 HD camera with selfie stick and 1/4" adapter

AEE S60 HD camera with selfie stick and 1/4″ adapter

Special offer : Get a silver selfie stick and a 1/4″ screew adapter with your AEE S60 camera

The S60 Standard Edition by the brand AEE is a perfect camera to take with you in your activities or simply to record the good moments of your everyday life. It allows you to shoot in 1080p60ips and take pictures up to 16MP wherever you go with its Exmor CMOS sensor.

As it is both connected and functional, this action cam offers modes such as the photo-in-video mode that allows you to take photos simultaneously to a video recording, plus the G-sensor, burst, and timelapse modes. You also have access to advanced features via your smartphone through the AEE app.

The advantage of this pack? We offer you a stick with a 1/4”screw fixation, and an adapter that will also allow you to attach a 2-leg action cam case on your stick.

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    AEE S60 HD camera with selfie stick and 1/4″ adapter

    The AEE S60 is an ultra compact and lightweight action cam that offers a friendly interface for an easy and enjoyable use. With its dynamic HD shooting technologies, experience an exciting user experience and multiply usage scenarios thanks to a complete selection of accessories .

    Now you can enjoy this very complete pack including the camera S60, a set of fixations and a compatible stick to allow you to film in all circumstances

    Ultra-compact, lightweight, high-quality sports camera With dimensions of 59mm wide,…

    Ultra-compact, lightweight, high-quality sports camera

    With dimensions of 59mm wide, 43mm high and 23mm deep, the S60 will not bother you and its 84g make it both simple to carry and pleasant to use. Do not be fooled by its small size though, behind its minimalist design hides a camera capable of professional digital HD shooting.
    This action camera has a wide 150° viewing angle and a f2/8 lens that supports 1080p, 960p and 720p HD video recordings. Thanks to its Exmor R CMOS image sensor, the S60 has a doubled sensitivity. So you can make high quality shots. Take pictures up to 16 Megapixels with a resolution of 4608×3456. The details of your photos stand out perfectly even if the shooting was done in a low light environment. The S60’s 4X digital zoom also lets you capture distant scenes in more detail.

    Small but robust, the S60 has been designed to be as portable as possible. Its 1500mAH Lithium battery gives it a large capacity of autonomy. This action cam is also accompanied by a waterproof case that offers great resistance to blows but also protects it from any water intake up to a 100m depth. The s60 casing is also supplied with 2 interchangeable rear doors. This will allow you to add or not the removable TFT screen to your cam action when you use the waterproof case.

    An action cam meant for sharing

    Your S60 camera is very connected.

    It has a convenient wifi function to simply connect to your smartphone via the dedicated application developed by AEE.

    You save your content in MP4 format, which is very convenient for playing your videos on your computer and sharing them.

    Your sports camera is also equipped with a slot allowing you to insert a memory card. All your content will be stored on this card (not provided in the starter pack). To record in the best conditions with the S60, it is recommended to use at least a class 10 memory card with a memory capacity of up to 64 GB. The SDHC card allows you to shoot with a great image quality.

    Share your creations with ease thanks to its USB 2.0 port that allows high-speed data transmission. Your camera will simply charge as soon as connected to a USB port. To share your content with friends on an HD screen, the S60 is also equipped with HDMI and AV outputs.

    Your S60 camera is very connected. It has a convenient…

    A camera you can easily use anytime and anywhere you go

    Wether you want to use your camera with or without…

    Wether you want to use your camera with or without its removable screen, it’s up to you !

    In some situations, it’s important for your camera to be as compact and light as possible so it can follow you in your activity without any trouble. There’s other times when you don’t mind the extra charge if the screen can allow you to create more precise shots and to navigate through the menus. For that reason, the S60 can be placed in its case weither the screen is attached to it or not.

    Within just a few clicks, access all the features AEE developped in order to make your life easier.

    The AEE S60 offers, among other things, a dictaphone function. This allows you to keep your hands free, making it easy to shoot at any time and in any place.

    Your camera also lets you choose between different preprogrammed shooting modes:

    Burst mode

    Allows you to capture multiple frames in 1 second. You can choose between 3, 6 or 8 photos in one second

    Self-timer mode

    Launch the timer and hurry to take a stand ! Once the shutter release button is activated, you have 3, 5 or 10 seconds before the picture is taken according to the settings you have chosen.

    Timalapse mode

    This function allows you to create an accelerated video by only capturing 1 frame avery second (you can select the interval you prefer) after pressing the Photo button, until you press the “Stop” button.

    In addition, your S60 offers a reverse function (180° reversed shooting) and a dictaphone function but also an integrated G-sensor function that can for example be used as a black box in a car.

    Your camera also lets you choose between different preprogrammed shooting…

    Main features


    Weight (without screen) : 84 g
    Dimensions (without screen) : 59 x 43 x 23 mm


    Removable 1500mAH Li-Ion Battery
    Autonomy : 3h
    Charging time : 3h30

    Data and connexion

    Output : HDMI / AV
    External memory : microSD card max 64GB and Class 10 min

    Image and Video

    View angle : 150°
    Lens : F/2.8
    Digital zoom : 4X
    Photo definition : 16, 12, 8 MP / Format JPG
    Video resolution : 1080p60ips, 960p60ips, 720p120ips


    Reverse mode : Rotate the image of 180°
    Dictaphone mode : 3h30 max / WAV Format
    G-sensor Mode : Auto recording when the camera detect movement


    Included in the pack : S60 Action cam Waterproof case…

    Included in the pack :

    S60 Action cam
    Waterproof case (100m)
    2 rear doors for use of the case with or without removable screen
    2″ TFT screen
    1500mAH Battery
    Mounting bracket
    Adhesive fixations flat and curved
    Articulation Kit
    USB cable

    +1 silver selfie stick with a 1/4″ screw adapter