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Build&Code Plus par eBotics

Build&Code Plus by eBotics

The Build&Code Plus set allows you to develop your knowledge about robotics. You get a selection of 240 components with which you can build many robotics or home automation projects of different levels of difficulty and get more familiar with the Arduino programming language.

This is an evolution of the Build&Code Basic kit: you will get more electronic components than in the basic version. This allows you to create more projects. You can create a safe, a ruler with an ultrasonic sensor, a lamp, a Morse code coach, a robotic “finger”, a basketball score counter robot and much more.

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Build&Code Plus by eBotics

You have 240 electronic components to develop your wildest projects. Indeed, the Build & Code kit has been designed to allow you to conduct robotics and home automation projects at different levels to familiarize you and learn the basics of Arduino programming.

This kit is the “Plus” version of the Build & Code but how is it different from the “Basic” version?

This is an extension, so the Plus kit contains more elements to allow you to create even more projects. Among these new projects: a safe, an ultrasonic sensor ruler, a lamp, a walrus learning tool or a robot that will count basketball scores.

Develop your STEMs skills with different level of difficulty The…

Develop your STEMs skills with different level of difficulty

The Build&Code Plus electronic kit includes a wide selection of electronic components. With these 240 elements, you can carry out basic, intermediate or advanced projects depending on your level of mastery.

Do not burn the steps, let’s get familiar with Arduino with accessible projects before moving on to more advanced setups and programming.

Thanks to this evolutionary aspect, this kit is suitable for teenagers as well as adults. It can be an opportunity for family activities at home or in educational institutions working in the STEAM fields (science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics).

First of all: What is Arduino?

The Build&Code Plus electronic kit has been specially developed to assist people who want to get familiar with the Arduino programming language. But first, what does it mean?

Arduino is the name of an open source electronic platform based on easy-to-use hardware and software. It is the most used technology to develop interactive and home automation projects. Training on this platform means that you will also be able to run Arduino-based projects outside of your Build&Code Plus kit.

Compatible with Arduino but also with different block programming software

The Build&Code Basic and Plus electronic kits work with the Build&Code UNO board which is fully compatible with Arduino and with various block programming software derived from the Scratch program. You will be able to download any project created with these platforms and use it with the Build&Code kit.

First of all: What is Arduino? The Build&Code Plus electronic…
Build&Code Plus by eBotics

Find many resources online

Easily access Build&Code Plus activities specifically designed to familiarize you with the Arduino programming language. You do not have to imagine all your structures and to improvise with your components since the community is there to guide you and make you discover all that you can do by controlling the electronic components included.

Because the UNO-built Build&Code is open-source, you’ll find plenty of free online manuals and exercises to get the most out of the electrical components included in the kit. In addition, you will be able to consult Arduino communities online when you have doubts.

Main features

  • Size: 68 x 53 mm
  • Weight: 25 g
  • Programmable with Arduino IDE and different visual programming software by blocks derived from the Scratch program
  • Compatible with Mac, Windows and Linux
  • Build & Code documents and resources available
  • Build&Code UNO board (Microcontroller ATmega328P)
  • Operating Voltage: 5V
  • Input Voltage (recommended): 7-12V
  • Input Voltage (limit): 6-20V
  • 14 Digital I/O Pins (of which 6 provide PWM output)
  • 6 PWM Digital I/O Pins
  • 6 Analog Input Pins
  • DC Current per I/O Pin: 20 Ma
  • DC Current for 3.3V Pin: 50 Ma
  • Clock Speed: 16 MHz


1 Build&Code UNO R3 1 Gyroscope sensor 1 Buzzer 1…
  • 1 Build&Code UNO R3
  • 1 Gyroscope sensor
  • 1 Buzzer
  • 1 Micro Servomotor
  • 1 830 points breadboard solderless
  • 1 DC motor
  • 40 Wire 20cm 1p-1p Male-Male
  • 1 L293D Motor chip
  • 1 1602 LCD Module
  • 6 Photo resistor
  • 1 Analog temperature sensor
  • 1 Battery 9 Volt snap
  • 1 Platform for Build&Code UNO R3
  • 5 Transistor BC547
  • 2 Mosfet transistors IRF520
  • 3 Potentiometer 10kilohm
  • 10 Pushbuttons
  • 1 RGB LED
  • 1 LEDs White
  • 8 LEDs Green
  • 8 LEDs Red
  • 8 LEDs Yellow
  • 3 LEDs Blue
  • 5 Diodes 1N4007
  • 20 Resistors 220 ohm
  • 5 Resistors 560 ohm
  • 5 Resistors 1 kilohm
  • 5 Resistors 4,7kilohm
  • 20 Resistors 10 kilohm
  • 5 Resistors 1 megohm
  • 5 Resistors 10 megohm
  • 5 Capacitors 100uF
  • 5 Capacitors 100 nF
  • 5 Capacitors 100 pF
  • 2 Opto-coupler 4N35
  • 1 USB Type A-USB Type B cable
  • 1 L293D 2 Motors DC Control Shield
  • 1 L298N Dual Bridge DC stepper Controller
  • 1 Ultrasonic distance sensor
  • 1 Black-White sensor (Line Trac¬king)
  • 1 RGB LED Module
  • 2 Light sensor shields
  • 40 Wire 20cm 1p-1p Female – Male

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