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Camera battery

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<h2> Get an extra camera battery and make sure you are always ready to film </h2>
The camera battery is the essential accessory you will need before going on a trip or just out. Take one or more lithium batteries in your pocket or walking bag. You will multiply the autonomy of your sports camera.

You are not sure if you will be able to easily charge you PNJ cam battery or the one of your AEE camera? So be sure not to fall on battery failure at the most important time of your day !
<h3> Many lithium batteries compatible with our cams to chose from </h3>
Our lithium batteries for action cams are both compact and durable. It only takes few seconds to change it and you can continue filming while you place the empty battery to charge.

Tip: Thanks to our <a href=”https://www.pnj.fr/en/shop/12v-car-charger/”> 12V car charger </a> to connect to your cigarette lighter, you can recharge your batteries even when you No access to a socket. Stay loaded even while hitting the road.