Don't miss the WG2 by Feiyu, our brand new waterproof gimbal !

Discover our brand new racer drone, the R Racer ! 🏁


Leisure drones accessible to all

Becoming a drone pilot is easy

Drones are everywhere and now you can even have one at home. Indeed, whatever your level of expertise, you can now easily buy a PNJ leisure drone.

The mini-drones, perfect for apprentice pilots

Controlled via your smartphone or a remote control these small quadricopters are both light and easy to use. They allow you to start piloting at reasonable cost.

Our camera drones give new perspectives to your aerial shots

These drones equipped with integrated or removable cameras are accessible to Sunday drones. Although very simple to handle, they offer many possibilities for the creation of original photos or videos.

Docks connected to share your shots in an instant

Wifi camera, bluetooth connection, these drones are hyper-connected. With this, they allow you to share your content instantly or enjoy the image forwarding on your smartphone. For total sense of immersion and experience in FPV (first person view), why not opt ​​for the use of augmented reality headphones?

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