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Nos robots

Entre assemblage robotique et programmation,
nos robots vous initient aux nouvelles technologies de manière ludique et fun !

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You can have robots at home now

It can never be said often enough that robots are the pedagogical tools of tomorrow. Indeed, new technologies are taking an increasingly important place in our lives. Future generations will automatically learn how to program so why not start today?

Playful robots

Our selection of robots will delight young and old. Our JIMU kits offer you to assemble robot blocks to create your own robot while the friendly ALPHA by UBtech will teach you some moves of which it has the secret.

After construction, programming

Whether you have chosen a robot to assemble yourself or for one of our humanoid robots, you can now program it. Challenge him by making him perform more and more sophisticated tasks. Teach him a custom choreography, record your voice so he can tell a story, organize a small obstacle course. The possibilities are numerous and you are at the controls!