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Nos stabilisateurs d'image

Que vous filmiez avec votre smartphone, votre caméra de sport ou même avec un appareil photo reflex ou hybrid,
stabilisez votre appareil pour une image de qualité professionnelle.

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Our image stabilizer boost the quality of your photos and videos

Even the most savvy videographers sometimes need a little help. That’s why our image stabilizers are there to accompany you in your photos and videos creations. They allow you to eliminate sharpness due to vibrations or movements.

Whatever your device, you will find a suitable stabilizer

Get an image of the highest quality whether you’re using a smartphone, a action cam or a camera thanks to PNJ stabilizers. And if you’re not equipped, why not opt ​​for an integrated 4K camera image stabilizer ? Everyone will find the device that best meets their expectations.

Innovation made accessible to all

Stabilizers are very technical devices. Made of innovative materials, they allow you to stabilize your device on 1, 2 or 3 axes using brushless motors. Once these parasitic movements are eliminated, your photos are sharper and your videos come closer to professional rendering. Yet, a button and a joystick inlayed on the handle of your stabilizer are enough to make it work.”