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Waterproof camera

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Hurry and find yourself a nice waterproof camera!

You will soon be able to immortalize your aquatic memories!

The sports cameras selected in this waterproof camera category are designed to be able to go underwater without a case. Thus, they remain light and compact. You can then take them with you to your activities with ease.

A silicone design for total waterproofness

Our waterproof cameras allow you to go below the surface of the water and up to a maximum depth of 1 or 5m depending on the model. However, their waterproofness is not their only function.

In this category, you can have access to quality cameras to film even out of the water. Powerful processors, wifi connection, screen to help you framing and navigating the menus.

Enjoy a range of accessories

Accessories are provided in the original packs according to the models. However, your waterproof camera is also equipped with a 1/4 ” screw thread. Thus, your action cam is compatible with all generic accessories and fixtures on the market and also equipped with this type of screws (mainly tripods or poles).

Purchase a 1/4 ” adapter to access more accessories. You can then also install your waterproof sports camera on a fixation called “2 legs” (chest harness, heaad set or wrist fixation).


Note that the fact that our cameras are waterproof means that we do not offer a compatible case to allow you to go deeper with your waterproof camera.