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Moteur horaire pour R Racer

Clockwise motor for R Racer drone

Permanent magnet clockwise motor for racing drones R Racer

This Clockwise engine is compatible with the R Racer racing drone. This is a brushless motor meaning that it is a self-driven synchronous machine with permanent magnets.

Thanks to this piece, you can replace one of the engines of your drone in case of breakage during a race. The location of the engines is important to ensure the stability of your drone. The Clockwise motor must be attached to a corresponding arm. On the R Racer, you can find easily the place for each element as the clockwise propellers and motors are placed on the arms with a black nut while the counterclockwise elements are placed on the arms with a silver-colored nut.

You can also find the counterclockwise motor for R Racer drone on our website
Warning: Installation of this spare part requires technical skills and the use of a soldering iron. Piece supplied without instructions.


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