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Croc&Play par eBotics

Croc&Play by eBotics

This is the perfect kit for kids and adults to learn about technologies while having fun. Transform almost  any object into a keyboard or a controler.

The Croc&Play is a creative invention kit that will let you use the properties of electrical conduction in order to turn everyday objects into keys that will send a command to your computer. It can be used in many fun ways : creating a piano made of fruits, turn objects into gamepads and almost anything you can imagine. Let your imagination run free !

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Croc&Play by eBotics

The Croc&Play creative invention kit by eBotics allows you to transform everyday objects into keys that will send information and commands to the computer. Create fruit pianos, gamepads made of clay, interactive surfaces and almost anything you could think of. Let your imagination run free !

This set makes it possible to design and assemble a circuit exploiting electrical conduction.

It’s never too early to learn The Croc&Play is a…

It’s never too early to learn

The Croc&Play is a fun product to teach the younger audience about the basics of programming. They acquire basic notions of STEMs (domain grouping science, technology, engineering and mathematics) while having fun. Computer programming is no rocket science, but you have to know how to approach it.

Awaken the child’s curiosity and create the desire to learn more about programming through a fun and educational support for the imagination. Invent games by programming your own computer program in a very intuitive way even without prior knowledge.

But don’t be fooled by its colorful look ! The Croc&Play is not only for kids and will be also perfect for adults ! Artists, engineers, teachers … This kit is versatile enough for everyone to find a project that they will enjoy.

All you need is a bit of imagination and curiosity !

Get to know STEMs without wasting time

Setting up some devices may seem daunting, that is what is so cool with Croc&Play : no installation is necessary. No driver, no software.

When you unbox your kit for the first time, everything you need to get started is already there, under your eyes.

Just start by creating a first circuit, connect the objects to the Croc&Play card using the alligator clip cables included in the kit and start playing.

Get to know STEMs without wasting time Setting up some…
Croc&Play by eBotics

Develop your creativity

Many projects are available: assemble a piano composed of fruits, interactive surfaces, drawing drums.

Almost everything is possible. Just find an idea and go for it until it works. That’s how we learn!

Unleash your creativity with activities specifically designed for the Croc&Play kit and explore countless creative possibilities. The only limit is your imagination !

Free and infinite online resources

If you need a little help with your creations, you’ll find dozens of projects online that you can use with the Croc&Play creative invention kit.

You will also find projects created with the Scratch program that you can reinforce and complete.

Main features

  • 1 Croc&Play board with 17 inputs
  • Compatible with Mac OS, Windows, Linux and most of Android devices with OTG


Inclus dans le pack : 1 Croc&Play board with 17…

Inclus dans le pack :

1 Croc&Play board with 17 input
1 Mini USB- USB 2.0 cable
10 alligator cables
10 jump cables male-male

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