Want to film like a pro with your DSLRs ? Try the aK2000 !

Double poignée pour a1000 et a2000 de Feiyu

Double handle for a1000 and a2000 by Feiyu

Feiyu allows you to stabilize on 3 axes your videos shot with a SLR or hybrid camera for a professional rendering without investing in too expensive specialized equipments. However, on long shooting sessions, holding your device (between 150g and 2kg) and your stabilizer with only one hand is not the most comfortable solution.

Why don’t you take a look at this double handle that will allow you to hold your device with 2 hands instead of one and share the weight of your camera between both. The attachment system has been specially designed to allow you to quickly switch from the 1 hand version to the 2 hand version.

The controls remain accessible at the level of the right handle to allow you to keep the same degree of control on your stabilizer as in its version 1 hand.

Note that the alpha2000 already comes with this accessory while the alpha1000 does not. Therefore, this item will be usefull to you in order to add to your a1000 or to replace the one you received with your a2000.

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