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Drone GPS DR-POWER HD et son masque FPV

DR POWER HD GPS drone with a FPV mask

The DR POWER HD is a very connected drone, delivered with its compatible FPV mask to allow you to discover all the sensations of the flight in immersion. This GPS drone is also equipped with an HD camera that can be controlled directly via the radio control over a range of 100m.


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  1. DR POWER HD GPS drone with a FPV maskRemovable HD 720p30ips camera
  2. 1500mAh 3.7V Li-Po Battery (Autonomy : 12 minutes)1500mAh 3.7V Li-Po Battery (Autonomy : 12 minutes)
  3. Control via smartphone and radio controller (100m)Control via smartphone and radio controller (100m)
  4. GPS functions : Orbital flight, FollowMe et flight pathGPS functions : Orbital flight, FollowMe et flight path
  5. CVR360 FPV mask includedCVR360 FPV mask included
DR POWER HD GPS drone with a FPV mask
With dimensions of 34cm aside, this drone is difficult to…

With dimensions of 34cm aside, this drone is difficult to navigate in restricted volumes. In order to take full advantage of your device, its GPS functions and its agility, it is recommended to conduct flights outdoors only.

A very connected drone

The DR-POWER has a wifi connection that allows you to connect your smartphone to the drone via the dedicated application “PNJ Position” available on the Apple Store and the Google Play Store. Once your drone is connected, you have access to advanced features based on the GPS drone and advanced settings of your drone.

It is also via this application that you will have access to real-time image feedback and that you can use your CVR360, the virtual reality mask supplied with your drone.

GPS and security functions

The DR-POWER HD has many functions using GPS such as orbital flight, GPS tracking and flight programming. Those will allow you to take unique aerial shots.
In addition, thanks to the “Return-to-home” function, you can at any time give the order to your drone to take the direction of its point of departure. In the same way, it automatically returns to its starting point when the battery is running low or when the signal of the RC becomes too weak.

Orbital flight function

When you trigger the orbital mode, you lock your drone position and it will start rotating automatically on a 5m radius. So you have to place your drone above a stationary target so that it can make a 360 ° plan around this point.

Flight path

You can easily set a flight path through the mobile app. To do so, simply click on the icon representing a map on the left of your screen. This will display the flight path configuration menu. You can then set the path of your DR-POWER HD with your fingertip or by setting different waypoints. Once you are satisfied, you can order your drone to follow the route defined via the app or directly via a button on your radio controller.


After activating the FollowMe function, the drone will lock the GPS position of your smartphone and will be able to follow you and adapt its trajectory in real time to follow you.

DR POWER HD GPS drone with a FPV mask

Immersion flights for more sensations

The pleasure of flying a fast and agile drone is one thing but the immersion flight makes you discover a new type of piloting experience.

Place your smartphone with the camera feedback in your FPV mask and observe, before your eyes, the images filmed by the HD camera of your GPS drone.

Your smartphone can be placed either in the immersion flight helmet or on your radio control.

Control the HD camera from the ground

The 720p30ips camera of the DR-POWER HD is fixed on a motorized support which allows the pilot to control it directly from the ground. In addition, the radio controller has been specifically designed to accommodate a smartphone and enjoy a real-time video feedback.

2.4GHZ radio controller with a battery pack included

Easily take control of your drone via its 2.4GHz radio controller up to a distance of 100m.

Beyond the classic steering joysticks and engines, you can also manage the orientation of your camera directly from the ground, trigger the return-to-home, change the speed of your drone, trigger the taking of pictures or video and finally, activate features such as FollowMe, orbital flight or follow a predefined flight path.

Note that the drone comes with a set of 4 AA batteries to allow you to take off without waiting

Control the HD camera from the ground The 720p30ips camera…

Give it a try, this drone is great for novices and initiates !

Thanks to its Alti and direction lock functions and its 3 adjustable speeds that will fit your level of control, the DR-POWER is the perfect drone for beginners but also it won’t get borring once you gained more experience.

The drone is also complemented with a set of spare propellers so you can perform minor repairs if needed.

Main features


Weight : 220g
Dimensions : 345 x 345 x 122 mm
Age : 14+

GPS Drone, camera drone
Flight environment : Outside


1500mAH 3,7V Li-Po Batteries
Autonomy : 12 minutes


Removable motorized camera
Video resolution : HD 720p30ips
Image Stabilization : No


Control via radio controller or smartphone

RC range : 100m
Smartphone range : 50m


Wifi : Yes (transmission up to 50m)
App : PNJ POSITION (iOS and Android)
FPV : Yes, live image feedback on smartphone

External storage : microSD (not included)
Recommended storage : microSD class 10 or over and 64GB max


Headless mode (Direction lock)
Automatic take-off / landing
Alti mode

GPS Functions

Orbital flight
Flight path programming

+ Smartphone FPV mask included





Included in the pack : 1X DR-POWER HD Drone 1X…

Included in the pack :

1X 2.4 GHz Radio controller
1X CVR360 FPV mask
1X Battery Li-Po 3.7V 1500mAh
4X Spare propellers
4X propeller guards
1X Smartphone mount
4X 1.5V AA batteries
1X Screwdiver
1X USB cable
1X CVR360 user manual
1X Drone user manual

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