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Jimu Robot - Kit Explorator

Jimu Robot – Kit Explorator

T-rex, penguin, parrot … let your imagination express itself and program your robots

With 7 robotic servomotors and 372 interlocking parts, the Explorator kit enables you to build 5 robotics animals predefined : perrot, baby, penguin, seal or T-Rex. In addition of those 5 models, each budding inventor can given free rein to his imagination and create his own mini robot ! Like any other construction and invention game, Jimu Explorator can be an animal, a car or any design.


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  1. Jimu Robot - Kit Explorator7 servomotors
  2. Jimu Robot - Kit Explorator372 pieces and connectors
  3. 3D animated instructions3D animated instructions
  4. Jimu Robot - Kit ExploratorControl via smartphone
  5. JIMU Community