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Jimu Robot - Kit Inventor

Jimu Robot – Kit Inventor

Wolf, giraffe or rhinoceros, assemble the pieces to create and program your own robots

With 16 robotic servomotors and 675 interlocking parts, the Explorator kit enables you to build 6 robotics animals predefined : wolf, praying mantis, rhino, elephant, robot humanoids and giraffe. In addition of those models, each budding inventor can given free rein to his imagination and create his own mini robot ! Like any other construction and invention game, Jimu Explorator can be an animal, a car or any design.




  1. Jimu Robot - Kit Inventor16 servomotors
  2. Jimu Robot - Kit Inventor675 pieces and connectors
  3. Animated instructions in 3DAnimated instructions in 3D
  4. Jimu Robot - Kit InventorControl via smartphone
  5. JIMU community