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Mini drone battery charger with white connector

Mini drone battery charger with white connector

Li-Po USB battery charger with white connector and LED indicator

The LI-PO BATTERY CHARGER is a USB charger with a LED indicator of the charging status. This product allows you to charge your extra battery(ies). If you want to charge several batteries at the same time, this charger will also be very useful. Check the tip of your mini-drone battery before choosing this charger, there are 2 types of chargers with 2 different connectors. This one is equipped with the white connector.

To charge, connect the white end of the charger to the drone battery and the other end to the USB port of a computer. WARNING, mains adapters have too high output current, this can lead to the destruction of the battery and/or the charger.

During charging, the LED of the charger lights up. When charging is complete, the LED will turn off. You can then put the battery back in the drone and start flying.


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