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Perche Télescopique pour caméra, fixation 2 pattes ou 1/4" vis

Mini telescopic stick for action cam

The MINI TELESCOPIC MOUNT is retractable and foldable. Measuring 22cm, it can extend to a maximum length of 90 cm. Record in the heart of the action or take original 'selfies' with superb perspectives: Innovate and take your memories higher.

With this MINI TELESCOPIC MOUNT, discover unique views and incredible angles. This accessory is ideal for skiing, surfing, skate-boarding or simply to take original pictures and videos. Use the mount for extended length of your arm and choose your favourite angle. The TELESCOPIC MOUNT can extend from 22cm to 90cm. Your camera can also be set to angles up to 180 degrees. Choose your length and the position of you camera according to your activities: This gives you an infinite amount of variations and perspectives.

With the 1/4” thread pitch, you will be able to mount your action cam, as well as any other compact camera.

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