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Pictar Grip for iPhone

Pictar Grip for iPhone

Who need a camera when we all have smartphones ?

Pictar is an awesome photo accessory for smartphones. It’s compatible with most models and gives users unprecedented control over their device. Pictar allows you take more control over your photos with five external buttons and includes a patented and revolutionary interface that allows you to activate the camera remotely.

Pictar is designed for all mobile photographs from social networking enthusiasts to photo lovers who want to be able to optimize their smartphone and get better quality for their photos.


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Pictar Grip for iPhone

Pictar turns your smartphone into a real camera

It’s rather rare in everyday life to have a real professional camera nearby in order to immortalize an instant before it already flies away. Pictar is there in those moments : it is very compact and easy to cary around thank to its carying pouch. Whenever you want to take a picture, all you have to do is clip your Pictar to your smartphone to turn it into a semi-professional shooting device !

Take control and make your picture better

On the one hand, the Pictar allows you to add physical control buttons on the edge of your smartphone. No more using your touchscreen to trigger a photo, simply use the shutter button just as if you were using conventional camera. Also, you don’t need to use your screen anymore to select a shooting mode, you will find a knob camera users will be very familiar with and that will allow you to select the mode that suits you best. Among these modes, the purists will be delighted to find the manual mode which will leave them a total control on the settings.

Take control and make your picture better On the one…

Pictar add 5 external controls to your smartphone :

multi-state Shutter The button is electronically calibrated for maximum sensitivity,…

multi-state Shutter

The button is electronically calibrated for maximum sensitivity, just like a high-end camera. It offers a “half-press” mode to lock focus and exposure in order to facilitate tracking of a moving object or to create a desired composition. The complete pressure mode then allows immediate triggering of the shutter.

Zoom Ring

Located next to your index, you will be able to use it with one single hand. Turn left or right to control the zoom level.

Depending on your use, you can also define another function for this button.

The Selfie button

Easily switch from one camera to the other with the zoom ring and take a little selfie.

You can also set another function for this button to suit your needs.

Exposure compensation wheel

This one controls the amount of light entering the camera, which helps the user determine the exact level of exposure without complex menus.

Intelligent wheel

The function paired to this button can be customized and will allow you to tirgger a variety of actions.

When using default settings, it allows you to navigate between the 10 Pictar pre-programmed modes: manual, sport, landscape, portrait and more.

This is a very useful tool for the amateur user while the more advanced photographers will prefer to choose from a wide range of advanced options, such as manual, shutter priority and more.

Get a firmer grip on your device

No more picture taking with your fingertips at the risk of dropping your smartphone. Pictar and its more adhesive coating is designed to give you a better grip, allows you to effectively take photos or videos with one single hand.

Get a firmer grip on your device No more picture…

Accessorizing for creation Pictar is equipped with the same type…

Accessorizing for creation

Pictar is equipped with the same type of mount you will find on conventional cameras (1/4″ screw mount). This means that you can now place your smartphone on a tripod or on a stick and use a whole new range of accessories previously reserved for owners of reflex or hybrid cameras only.

PictarApp – a powerful, dedicated app

Pictar’s app is a turbo engine that drives Pictar forward. To develop it, miggo teamed up with a leading app development company that not only provided the app with ease of use but also new features that do not exist in the iPhone’s camera, such as preset modes and more.

Pictar Grip for iPhone

One of the app’s most exciting components is the operating interface powered by sound frequencies. When the user operates one of the external controls it produces a sound frequency (18,500 – 20,000 khz) which cannot be heard by the human ear. When this frequency is detected by the app it generates an appropriate action. This method significantly reduces battery drainage by both the phone and the Pictar device.

Compatible with a large range of models : Pictar fits…

Compatible with a large range of models :

Pictar fits the following iPhone models : 4S, 5, 5C, 5S, 6, 6S, SE, 7 and 8.

But do not be afraid, you iPhone 6+, 6S+ or 7+ user ! Simply opt for the Pictar One+ grip for iPhone that will adapt with your bigger device.

And for the Android phones, Pictar fits : Samsung Galaxy S8 et S9Huawei P10 and Sony Xperia XZ1 Compact / XA1 / X Compact /Z5 Compact / XA

What makes Pictar really cool is that is just as useful to professional photographers who don’t want don’t want to bother carrying their whole equipment, to smartphone lovers who like to post their photos on social networks.

Long story short : it is made for people who loves photography, whatever their level of expertise, in search of a good compromise between performance, price and portability.

What makes Pictar really cool is that is just as…

The more savvy users will appreciate the presence of manual…

The more savvy users will appreciate the presence of manual modes and the diversity of accessories available while the amateurs will be rather seduced by the practicality of the grip and the presence of ten pre-programmed modes that will allow them to get the best of the scene in front But without mastering all the rules and tricks of photography.



Length : 100 mm. / 3.9 inch
Height : 71 mm. / 2.8 inch
Depth : 33 mm. / 1.3 inch

Weight : 60 Gr. / 0.13 lbs.

Ergonomic body with modular iPhone attachment system

Anti-slip grip

Multi-state shutter button (focus and exposure lock / shutter release)

Zoom ring

Selfie button

Exposure compensation wheel

Smart wheel (pre-sets modes / programmable / manual mode)

10 pre-set modes: auto, manual, shutter priority, iso priority, portrait, sport, landscape, macro, selfie, video

¼”20 standard tripod socket

Cold-shoe mount

Dual-tone high-frequency interface

Detachable wrist strap

Neoprene padded pouch

Battery life: 4-6 months

Things Pictar can do that stand-alone smartphones can’t:

Manual focus
Manual control of ISO
Manual control of shutter speed
Split focus and exposure points
Option for Tiff files
Physical buttons and wheels
Tripod mount
Light mount
One handed grasp


Included in the pack: 1X Pictar 1X Wrist strap 1X Neck…

Included in the pack:

1X Pictar
1X Wrist strap
1X Neck strap
1X Padded pouch
1X 1/2 AA 3v to 3.6V battery