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Action cam PNJ30

PNJ30 Action cam

The ultimate first-purchase action cam

PNJ is happy to introduce its brand new camera designed to seduce those who are still hesitant to invest in an action cam to film their activities or their family moments.

The PNJ30 has it all and is the perfect first purchase to get you started : small price, compact size and a selection of accessories to allow you to multiply the scenarios of use of your camera. This HD sports camera, allowing you to film in 720p30ips, is also Equipped with a 2 ” LCD screen which makes it very user-friendly and easy to use.

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    PNJ30 Action cam

    A perfect action cam to get you started

    Whether it is for some holidays, a weekend with good friends or sports activities, we often want to immortalize these good times. However, we often wonder if it is worth paying so much money for a device that you will maybe only use once in a while. The PNJ30 is the answer to your hesitations. With this model, PNJ offers an affordable HD camera that will allow you to grow familiar with that type of item.

    A good entry-level camera The PNJ30 action cam is a…

    A good entry-level camera

    The PNJ30 action cam is a basic in the best way. It is both simple and effective. This is a very classic action cam equipped with a GC1004 sensor and a Sunplus SPCA1521 processor. It will allow you to make videos in HD30ips and photos in resolution 2MP, 3MP and up to 5MP.

    You can take this sturdy and durable sports camera with you wherever you go. With its dimensions of 7cm by 4cm and 2cm of depth, you will not be bothered by it and it will always be within reach when you want to film something of capture a picture.

    This camera has been designed to meet the expectations of those who want to go straight to the goal and make beautiful videos without having to get lost in the menus or the advanced functions. A reasonable investment to get started.

    You can take this sturdy and durable sports camera with…

    A simplified and user-friendly interface but full of functionalities

    Even if the PNJ30 keeps it simple, it is able to offer an interesting range of well-mastered functionalities :

    Burst Mode Take a lot of consecutive shots in a…

    Burst Mode

    Take a lot of consecutive shots in a short period of time to be sure to capture the perfect moment of a moving scene.


    Create videos with an ultra-fast effect by combining shots taken at regular intervals (every 2 or 10 seconds for the PNJ30) over a long period of time. Perfect for grasping the movement of clouds or the coming and going of passers-by.


    Press the trigger and quickly go to your spot. You have either 2 or 10 seconds to be ready before the photo is triggered.

    120° Wide angle

    Take advantage of this wide angle to film your sports activities and enjoy an impressive image quality. This allows you to make wider shots focused on objects you can not get away from. Thus, you can capture a landscape as a whole or simply accentuate the perspectives in your shots.

    The quality of images at the best price

    Despite its very affordable price, the PNJ30 does not neglect the quality of the images. Indeed, it allows you to make videos in HD30ips.

    Go further with a selection of compatible accessories The PNJ30…

    Go further with a selection of compatible accessories

    The PNJ30 pack includes, among other things, a waterproof case that will keep your camera dry during your aquatic activities or in a humid environment.

    At 10m depth, the pressure is already equivalent to 2 times the atmospheric pressure and it is therefore important that your camera, which can not under any circumstances be immersed, is well sheltered in a crush-resistant caisson created by Pressure and crimped with a perfectly hermetic rubber seal



    • Camera only: 70x40x30
    • Camera with case: 80x60x50

    • Weight:

      • Camera only: 200g

      • Camera with case: 560g


      900mAh 4-cell battery
      Battery autonomy: 2hours

      Built-in 2 “LCD display


    • Sensor: GC1004

    • Processor: Sunplus SPCA1521


    Waterproof case (up to 30m)


    USB 2.0


    • Video resolution: 720p30ips
    • Photo Resolution: 2M / 3M / 5M

    Modes and functions:

    • Burst Mode
    • Timelapse: 2 / 10s
    • Timer: 2 / 10s
    • Wide angle: 120°


    Included in the pack: 1x PNJ30 camera 1x Waterproof case…

    Included in the pack:

    • 1x PNJ30 camera
    • 1x Waterproof case
    • 1x Mounting bracket
    • 1x USB cable
    • 1x Battery
    • 1x User Manual

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