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Here comes the R-FALCON FHD with its 1080p25ips camera

The R-Falcon looks brand new with this new version of the flagship PNJ drone. Check out the R-Falcon FHD, it is now equipped with a Full HD Wide Angle Camera.

This model perfectly combines video quality, simplicity of piloting and fun. Beginners and advanced users will enjoy flying it thanks to functions designed to facilitate flying such as Alti mode (auto-stabilization) or automatic take-off / landing. We also added a touch of fun as your R-Falcon FHD is capable of performing 360 ° flips. Beware of seasickness!


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  1. Caméra photo/vidéo : 2MP - FULL HD 1080p25ips - 160°Caméra photo/vidéo : 2MP - FULL HD 1080p25ips - 160°
  2. 2 batteries incluses dans le pack2 batteries incluses dans le pack
  3. 12 minutes + 12 minutes12 minutes + 12 minutes
  4. Pilotage par RC (100m) ou smarthone (50m)Pilotage par RC (100m) ou smarthone (50m)
  5. PNJ ZONE (iOS et Android)PNJ ZONE (iOS et Android)
  1. Vol auto stationnaireVol auto stationnaire
  2. Bouton d'arrêt d'urgenceBouton d'arrêt d'urgence

What’s new ?

Let’s start with the drone’s new look. You still can…

Let’s start with the drone’s new look. You still can find the familiar lines of the R FALCON HD but with new colors. The R FALCON FHD is still made of the best materials but white is its main color with black and red contrasting parts.

As mentioned earlier, the R-FALCON FHD remains a very complete drone while getting closer to the category of camera drones. It is now equipped with a Full HD camera so your drone makes sharper shots, with colors of impressive fidelity.

So you get a live video feedback on your smartphone but you can also take great photos and aerial videos. The shots will be recorded on a microSD card (not included in the pack) to be inserted in your drone before take-off. Once everything is in place, simply press the “photo” button on the right side of your remote control to start taking a picture. For a video, simply stay on the same button.

We are also moving from a 3.7V battery to a 7.4V battery. If the R-Falcon HD’s batteries are no longer compatible with the R-FALCON FHD, this allows the newer model to gain 2 minutes of battery life so you can enjoy more of your flight.

So you get a live video feedback on your smartphone…

Smartphone or radiocontroler : chose the way you fly

Very simple to handle even for beginners, the most advanced…

Very simple to handle even for beginners, the most advanced users can opt for a higher speed (3 speeds available for 3 levels of control) and disable the flight helps for a more authentic experience.


Your R FALCON FHD is accompanied by a dedicated radio controller. This allows you to quickly take control of your camera drone making good use of the controls at your fingertips.

You can also connect your drone to your smartphone and…

You can also connect your drone to your smartphone and take control via the PNJ ZONE application (available on iOS and Android). A control mode that some will find more intuitive than the radio remote control, it’s up to you!

The radio remote control is also expandable. It allows you to install your smartphone in the center and, thus, to enjoy the image feedback of your drone live. Whether you place your phone with the video return in the center of the remote control or in a VR helmet intended for this purpose, you enjoy a total immersion flight experience.

Note that the radio control will allow you to control your drone up to 100m and your smartphone will give you a range of 50m.

Enjoy flying your drone for a longer time

One of the things that is often criticized when it comes to recreational drones is their lack of flying autonomy. Indeed, nothing more frustrating than having to shorten your flying session. The R-FALCON FHD kit therefore includes an extra battery for your drone. When buying this drone, you get 2 Li-Po 7.4V 850mAH batteries that give you 12 minutes of autonomy each. With 24 minutes of accumulated autonomy, you have more time at your disposal before having to put your batteries down to charge.

Once flat, your battery charges via the USB port of your computer using the charger provided in the pack. The charger indicator light will turn off to indicate the full charge of your battery. Allow about 120 minutes to fully charge your battery.

One of the things that is often criticized when it…

Always bearing in mind that the main goal is for you to enjoy flying your drone without any trouble, we include in the starting pack, a set of spare propellers. Indeed, shocks can happen when you start flying drone and even when you have gained experience. Do not get stopped by a twisted or broken propeller, change it without waiting for a quick return flight without risking further damage to your R-Falcon FHD.

A robust drone, able to evolve in different environments

With its size of 300 x 220 mm and its power, the R-FALCON FHD is perfectly suited for outdoor flights. Indeed, large spaces will allow you to enjoy all its features with ease. A perfect activity for a beautiful sunny day, with a low or moderate wind.


The propeller guards provided in the pack will help protect your propellers in case of a slight collision while you fully control your drone.

In case of bad weather and if you wish, your drone can also fly indoors. Be careful, however, to ensure that you have large volumes without obstacles.

Main features


Weight : 216g
Size : 300 x 220 x 60 mm
Age: 14 +

Beginner drone, camera drone
Flight Environment : Outdoors


2x 7.4V 850mAH Li-Po Batteries
Autonomy : 12 minutes + 12 minutes


Integrated camera
Video Resolution : Full HD 1080p
Photo resolution : 2MP
Image Stabilization : No


Control via radio control or smartphone

Scope RC: 100m
Smartphone reach: 50m

Sensory Control: Available

Data and connection

Wifi: Yes (transmission up to 50m)
App: PNJ ZONE (iOS and Android)
FPV Compatibility: Yes, live image feedback to smartphone

External Storage: microSD (not included)
Recommended memory: microSD class 10 or higher and 4GB max


Headless mode (Direction lock)
Automatic take-off / landing
Alti mode
Voice control


Included in the pack : 1X R-FALCON FHD drone 1X…

Included in the pack :

1X 2.4GHz radio controller
2X 850mAH 7.4V batteries
4X Propellers + 4X spare propellers
2X Propeller guards
1X Screwdiver
1X USB charger
1X microSD adapter
4X 1.5V AAA batteries
1X User manual

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