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Drone R-Falcon HD

R-Falcon HD drone

The R-Falcon HD is an ergonomic drone designed to give pilots a total immersion flight experience

This drone was designed with the pleasure of thrill seekers always in mind. It offers a flight experience in total immersion weither you are on smartphone or even using a virtual reality gear.

The R-Falcon HD is a perfect combination between technology and simplicity : just place your smartphone in the center of the radio-controller and fully enjoy the live retransmission from your drone’s wifi camera. This same remot will allow you to trigger all the functions with a simple clic. Use it to trigger the wifi camera and realize breathtaking photos and videos.

With its battery, you will be able to fly your drone for around 10 minutes and take photos from a distance, with a new perspective.




  1. 720p HD wifi camera720p HD wifi camera
  2. R-Falcon HD droneAuto flight route mode
  3. Alti modeAlti mode
  4. CF mode (headless)CF mode (headless)
  5. 850mAh 3,7V Li-Po battery850mAh 3,7V Li-Po battery