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Drone R-Falcon HD

R-Falcon HD drone

The R-Falcon HD is an ergonomic drone designed to give pilots a total immersion flight experience

This drone was designed with the pleasure of thrill seekers always in mind. It offers a flight experience in total immersion weither you are on smartphone or even using a virtual reality gear.

The R-Falcon HD is a perfect combination between technology and simplicity : just place your smartphone in the center of the radio-controller and fully enjoy the live retransmission from your drone’s wifi camera. This same remot will allow you to trigger all the functions with a simple clic. Use it to trigger the wifi camera and realize breathtaking photos and videos.

With its battery, you will be able to fly your drone for around 10 minutes and take photos from a distance, with a new perspective.


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  1. 720p HD wifi camera720p HD wifi camera
  2. Pack drone Xiro Xplorer G avec nacelle stabilisée pour GoProAuto flight route mode
  3. Alti modeAlti mode
  4. CF mode (headless)CF mode (headless)
  5. 850mAh 3,7V Li-Po battery850mAh 3,7V Li-Po battery
R-Falcon HD drone

Carefully selected design and components

In order to build The R-Falcon HD PNJ selected high-quality materials only. The R-Falcon is evolutionary: very simple to handle for beginners, the most savvy users will quickly realize that they will not get tired of this drone unveiling advanced functionalities at the same time as you learn to control it.

With its dimensions of 33cm in length and width and 15cm in height, the R-Falcon HD is not what you could call a mini drone. It is a robust quadrocopter perfect for outdoor flights. Its 3.7V Li-Po battery will provide you with a 10 minutes flight autonomy. Do not hesitate to have additional batteries to be able to alternate them and to fly your drone for longer!

Your battery can be charged via the USB port of your computer using the charger provided in the pack. The charger’s LED will turn off to indicate the full charge of your battery. It will take approximately 120 minutes to fully charge your battery.

With its dimensions of 33cm in length and width and…

Create breathtaking aerial shots Your R-Falcon HD is equipped with…

Create breathtaking aerial shots

Your R-Falcon HD is equipped with a 720p wifi HD camera that will allow you not only to enjoy a live video feedback on your smartphone but also to take beautiful aerial photos and videos. The shots will be recorded on a micro SD card (not included in the pack) to be inserted into your drone before take-off. Once everything is in place, simply press the “photo” button on the right side of your remote to trigger the shot. For a video, simply press the same button.

A robust drone capable of evolving in different environments

Due to its size and power, it is advisable to fly your Falcon outdoors to fully and safely enjoy all of its features. A perfect activity for a beautiful sunny day, with a weak or moderate wind.

The propeller guards provided in the pack will protect your propellers in the event of a slight collision that may occur by the time you fully mastered your drone.

If you wish, your drone can also fly indoors. Be careful, however, to make sure that you have large volumes without obstacles.

Innovative radio control for optimum user comfort

R-Falcon HD drone

Thanks to its sliding arm system, the R-Falcon HD remote can be adapted to different sizes of smartphones or tablets. So your smartphone is placed at the center of your radio controller and you can take full advantage of the retransmission of images in real time while keeping an eye on my controllers that you want to operate.

Although your radio control is very complete, you can easily take control of your R-Falcon HD : Activate your drone, launch the auto take-off or landing mode, pilot it by selecting the desired speed (3 speeds available: low, intermediate or High), trigger the taking of photos and videos, …

Functionalities at the click of a button for beginners and advanced users

Automatic take-off and landing The purists will be able to…

Automatic take-off and landing

The purists will be able to make their landing and take-offs in manual, via the joystick of the radio controller but for those who wish to simplify their flight experience, an automatic mode also exists. This allows your drone to climb vertically up to 1m autonomously or on the contrary to achieve a smooth descent for 3 to 5 seconds until landing safely on the ground.

Voice control

Are your thumbs tired? Your R-Falcon HD obeys your voice. It recognizes 4 commands in English:

  • “Forward” to take it forward

  • “Backward” to make it go back

  • “Left” to move to the left

  • “right” for the line

  • No trap here !

    Programming a flight path

    From your smartphone, located in the center of your radio control, activate the flight path mode and draw the trajectory to follow for your drone with your fingertip.

Auto shutdown

Your drone is equipped with a gyroscope to monitor and control its inclination. By doing this, if your drone falls with a vertical inclination, the propellers would be automatically stopped to prevent them from being damaged. A very simple manipulation to be realized on your radio-command will allow you to resume your flight.

Auto Return

Another interesting feature of the R-Falcon HD – and once again accessible from a simple button located on your radio-control – is the automatic return. When you press it, your drone will automatically head back to you

Emergency stop

In the event of a collision or loss of control of your drone, it is important to have the reflex to stop the engines immediately. This can be done with the R-Falcon HD’s remote control: If you lose control of your drone or if it gets too close to a person or an obstacle, simply press the emergency stop button to cut the signal between the drone and the radio controller. Your drone can then be restarted in the usual way to allow you to resume your aerial activity.

Auto shutdown Your drone is equipped with a gyroscope to…


Drone :

Perfect drone for beginners

Outdoor drone

Dimensions : 332 x 332 x 14 mm
Weight :153g
Age : 14+

Controls :

Radio-Controler : 30m
Smartphone : 30m

Tilt control : Pilot your drone easily by simply tilting your smartphone
Flight programming : Yes

Battery :

850mAh Li-Po battery Autonomy : 10 minutes

Motors :

Motors with brush
3 speeds available

Camera :

Built-in camera
Vidéo resolution : HD (720p60ips)
Photo resolution : 2MP

Functions :

Compatible FPV
Headless Mode (directionlock)
Auto take off / landing function
Alti mode
Auto-return function
Vocal control

Data and connexion :

Wifi : Yes
Application : R FALCON (iOS and Android)
Image live stream : Available

Storage : microSD memory card (not included)
Recommanded type of card : class 10 and 32GB max microSD


Included in the pack : 1x R-Falcon HD Drone 1x Radio-controller 4x Propellers…

Included in the pack :

1x R-Falcon HD Drone
1x Radio-controller
4x Propellers
1x Li-Po Battery
1x Charger
1x  User manual

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