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A dynamic looking drone for HD aerial shots

The R-FLYER HD by PNJ is a drone with dynamic design that offers the opportunity to advanced drone pilots and to beginners to shoot aerial video in 720p HD. Chose the angle of the camera manually to make sure the shot is well framed and take off!

This drone is very easy to handle with its radio controller or a smartphone thanks to several functions that simplify the flight : Direction lock, Alti mode, auto takeoff and landing, etc.

Thanks to its 2.4GHz wifi function, you can also connect your smartphone to your drone via the PNJ SKY application to enjoy live video feedback.


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79.99 49.99

  1. R-FLYER HD Drone720p30ips HD camera
  2. Control via radio controller or smartphoneControl via radio controller or smartphone
  3. 2 batteries included2 batteries included
  4. 3 speeds available3 speeds available

The R-FLYER HD sports a creative look both dynamic and modern. It’s perfect for beginners as you can easily take control and start recording nice aerial HD videos. For a pretty nice price, you get a drone that looks good, that performs and can handle a few shocks until you increased your pilot skills.

Start shooting your very own aerial videos

The R-FLYER HD is equipped with a built-in HD camera. You will be able to manually readjust the angle of view before take-off to make sure your shot is framed just the way you want. This camera allows you to take pictures of a definition of 1MP and videos in 720p30ips.


This camera drone is ideal for people who are new to drone piloting since it offers many functions to facilitate the piloting :

Alti mode: Makes it easier to maintain the altitude of…

Alti mode:

Makes it easier to maintain the altitude of your drone

Direction lock:

Facilitates the maintaining of your drone’s trajectory

3 flight speeds:

Start getting your hands on moderate speed until you are confident enough to increase speed and get down to business.

You don’t risk to get bored though because once you are in perfect control of your drone, you will be able to turn those functions off for more challenge and “authentic” piloting sensations.

Double the fun thanks to its extra battery

Thanks to the extra battery provided with your R-FLYER HD,…

Thanks to the extra battery provided with your R-FLYER HD, you have 2x more flight time. Once your first battery is discharged, you can insert the second battery instead and resume your flight in a matter of seconds. Each 550 mAH 3.7V Li-Po battery will provide you with a flight time of 7 minutes.

Would you prefer using a radio controller or your smartphone ?

Speaking of authenticity, purists can take control of the R-FLYER…

Speaking of authenticity, purists can take control of the R-FLYER HD via its radio controller while installing their smartphone in the support provided for this purpose to enjoy the live video stream transmitted by the R-FLYER HD.

It is also possible to control / take photos only via your smartphone. A rather practical function for beginners or pilots on the move. To control your drone, all you need to do is install the PNJ SKY mobile application available on iOS and Android.

No need to be a pro to enjoy flying this drone

As mentioned, in addition to letting you choose your control mode, the R-FLYER HD includes functions whose purpose is to facilitate the piloting of neophytes.

This drone is very easy to fly thanks to its Alti mode but also its 3 changeable flight speeds. Moreover, in the event of a collision, the R-FLYER HD provides an automatic shutdown function allowing you to stop the motors to protect them and to avoid any damage.


Shocks can always happen on your first flying sessions and even afterwards. That’s why we provide you with the necessary information for the drone pilot. You will find a screwdriver in the pack that will allow you to install and remove parts as needed for a quick repair. You will also have spare propellers and propeller guards. Propellers are what keeps your drone well balanced in the air, so it’s important to pay special attention to them.

Ready-to-fly With the R-FLYER HD, PNJ offers a complete package…


With the R-FLYER HD, PNJ offers a complete package that will allow you to fly without delay. For instance, we include the 4 AA 1.5V batteries required for the the radio controller.

A drone designed for your amusement

The headless mode and the 360° flip function add a touch of fun to this drone already packed with many functions. With a little practice you will quickly be ready to performs nice tricks and figures. Do not hesitate to challenge yourself!

A drone designed for your amusement The headless mode and…

Main features


HD camera drone suitable for beginners

Flight environment: Indoor and outdoor

Size: 345 x 345 x 95 mm
Weight: 129g
Age: 14 +


Control via radio controller or smartphone

Radio controller : Distance up to 100m
Smartphone: Distance up to 50m


2x 550mAH 3.7V 1S Li-Po batteries
Autonomy: 2x 7 minutes


Brush motors
3 flight speeds


Built-in HD camera
Video Resolution: HD 720p30ips
Photo definition: 1MP


FPV compatible
Headless mode (direction lock)
Automatic take-off / landing function
Alti mode
360° Flip

Data and connection

Wifi: Yes
App: PNJ SKY (iOS and Android)
Image Feedback: Available

Storage: microSD memory card (not included)
Recommended card type : Class 10 64GB SD card max


Included in the pack: 1X R-FLYER HD 1X 2.4 GHz…

Included in the pack:

1X 2.4 GHz Radio Controller
2X 550mAH 3.7V Li-Po Battery
4X Spare propellers
4X Propeller guards
1X Smartphone holder
1X Screwdriver
1X USB charger
4X AA 1.5V Batteries
1X User Manual

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