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R KIDO II - Mini-drone vif et rapide - 3 batteries Li-Po incluses

R KIDO II – Quick and agile Mini-drone

A small versatile drone for ace pilots

The R-KIDO II is equipped with a complete set of multicolored lights all around its propellers. It is also very light and easy to fly. It is therefore perfectly suitable for children, allowing them to develop their indoor flying skills while enjoying the fun aspect of the drone.


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  1. R KIDO II - Quick and agile Mini-droneControl via RC
  2. Many pilot assistance featuresMany pilot assistance features
  3. LED lighting for a better visibilityLED lighting for a better visibility
  4. Adjustable speed: 3 levels of controlAdjustable speed: 3 levels of control
  5. Tough drone with integrated propeller guardsTough drone with integrated propeller guards
R KIDO II – Quick and agile Mini-drone

Enjoy flying a simple little drone

The R KIDO is the perfect little drone you need when starting piloting. There is no superfluous function so you can focus on your trajectory. The drone is controlled via a radio control and has several features to simplify your experience.

First of all, the R KIDO II is equipped with an LED lighting system that makes it very easy to spot from the ground. This way, you keep your drone in visual view during the entire flight session.

In addition, the automatic altitude maintenance makes it easier to control your drone and avoid having to constantly monitor the drone’s elevation.

Ideal for children as well as adults looking for a small indoor drone to pass the time.

Enjoy flying a simple little drone The R KIDO is…
R KIDO II – Quick and agile Mini-drone
The R KIDO is not equipped with a camera in…

The R KIDO is not equipped with a camera in order to place the focus on the piloting. With 3 available speeds and an acrobatic flight function allowing you to perform 360 ° flips, you will be able to let loose on the figures without fear of damaging your drone. Indeed, the rotors are surrounded by a double protection of propellers that guarantee to avoid any damage indoors.

This mini-drone is equipped with a LiPo 3.7V 800mAh battery that guarantees a flight autonomy of 6 to 8 minutes.

Main specs

Drone :

Weight : 50g
Dimensions : 16 x 16 x 8 cm

Type of drone : Leasure drone

Flight environment : indoors and outdoors

Camera :

No camera on this drone

Controls :

Controls : Radiocontroller
Range : 100m

Battery :

Battery : 3.7V 800mAh Li-Po Battery
Autonomy : 8-10 minutes
Charging time : 2h

Functions :

Automatic takeoff, landing and return to home

Alti mode

360˚ flips

3 flight speed available


Included in the pack : 1x R-KIDO II drone 1x…

Included in the pack :

1x R-KIDO II drone
1x 3.7V 800 mAh Li-Po battery
1x 2.4 Ghz radiocontroller
1x Set of 1.5V batteries
4x Propellers
1x User manual & PNJ stickers
1x USB cable

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