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R-NANO II - Mini racer connecté et compatible retour FPV

R-NANO II – Mini racer connected and FPV compatible

Mini racing drone with FPV image feedback

The R-NANO II FPV is a mini racing drone combining maneuverability and high performance. Worthy heir of the R-NANO and R-NANO-WIFI, it features a sportier design and optimized performance.

Enjoy a 20 fps VGA video feedback provided by its 5.8GHz FPV camera. The 5.8GHz technology offers a unique FPV immersive experience and limits latency with the included FPV headset.

Despite its small size, the R-NANO II FPV is a lively drone and very pleasant to fly from its 2.4GHz RC. Beginners will appreciate the presence of a CF mode (Direction lock) simplifying the handling. It will also be possible to adjust the speed of the drone. Start to get the hang of it quietly and then increase the speed when you feel comfortable.




  1. Mini racing droneMini racing drone
  2. 5.8GHz VGA camera + FPV mask included5.8GHz VGA camera + FPV mask included
  3. CF ModeCF Mode
  4. Adjustable speedAdjustable speed