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Drone Caméra HD R Raptor

R RAPTOR HD camera drone

Foldable HD camera drone

The R Raptor HD is a compact and lightweight foldable drone that will easily accompany you in all your comings and goings. We also provide a carrying case with a compartment specially designed to store your drone so you can keep it safe when you are on the go. Once arrived at your destination and as soon as you wish to use your drone, simply take it out of its carrying case, unfold its arms and connect the battery to take off!




  1. Foldable pocket droneFoldable pocket drone
  2. Control via smartphone (App R Raptor HD)Control via smartphone (App R Raptor HD)
  3. HD Video : 720pHD Video : 720p
  4. 2 batteries included2 batteries included
  5. Autonomy : 7 minutes + 7 minutesAutonomy : 7 minutes + 7 minutes
  1. Alti modeAlti mode