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Drone de course R VELOCITY

R VELOCITY racer drone

A racing drone perfectly combining speed and agility

The R-Velocity is ideal for an introduction to the world of racer drones. Its brushless motors offer optimal propulsion power that allows your drone to reach 12m/s. With this drone, you have a perfectly balanced engin between speed and maneuverability.

The R-Velocity is complemented with a long range radio controller allowing you to control it from a distance of up to 300 meters. The controller will also let you know when the drone went out of reach or when the battery is running low.

You will also enjoy the built-in high quality camera that will allow you to easily record all your adventures. It is recommended to use FPV goggles (not included) to optimize your flight experience with total immersion experience.




  1. Racer droneRacer drone
  2. Autonomy : 12minutesAutonomy : 12minutes
  3. R VELOCITY racer droneRadio controller (Range : 300m)
  4. R VELOCITY racer droneFPV HD Camera
  5. 12m/s speed12m/s speed