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Écran TFT/LCD 2pouces

Removable 2″ LCD/TFT screen

A removable 2″ TFT/LCD screen that will help you frame your shots

The TFT/LCD removable screen easily attaches to the back of your camera and helps you frame your shots. You can also view your recorded videos and photos in real time. The TFT / LCD helps you set your parameters with a simple and straightforward navigation menu. This accessory is removable: you can attach and remove it according to your needs, which means you can take advantage of the screen when you need it as well as have a lightweight camera when recording.

Larger than the SD range removable screen, this 2 inch screen is compatible with the AEE S range. The buttons are locatted on top of the screen. The TFT screen comes with a back door compatible with AEE S70 Extreme and S70 F2 Extreme models.

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