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Lot de 4 hélices pour drone PNJ R FALCON HD et Full HD

Set of 4 propellers for R FALCON HD and Full HD drone

Set of spare propellers for R FALCON HD

Get this set of 4 propellers for your R FALCON HD and make sure you have the equipement of the best drone pilots.

During your first flights and even after gaining some experience, a collision can sometimes happen and it is better to be ready to change a damaged propeller immediately rather than continue to fly with an unbalanced drone that would risk further damage.

To change your propellers, nothing more simple, remove the red cap located at the top of the propeller and you will have access to a screw that will allow you to detach the propeller. Pay attention to the location of your propeller. Indeed, to be perfectly balanced, your drone has 2 arms equipped with clockwise engines (rated A) and 2 arms equipped with anti-clockwise engines (rated B)


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