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Lot de 4 hélices pour R NANO HD

Set of 4 propellers for R NANO HD

With this set of propellers for your R NANO HD drone, you are ready to make a quick repair in case of breakage. Indeed, an incident can sometimes happen to beginners as to the most experienced pilots. The propellers are a key element when it comes to carrying your drone and making sure it has a great stability in flight. As soon as one of your propellers is twisted or damaged, it is best to replace it quickly. Indeed, flying with a damaged propeller causes imbalances that can damage your drone even more.

In order to properly install the propellers, it is important to know that you have 2 types: clockwise propellers and counterclockwise propellers. Each is differentiated by a mark indicating an “A” (counter-clockwise propellers) or a “B” (clockwise propellers.) The two propellers with the same mark are placed on the diagonally opposite positions.The marks are also present on the arms of your R NANO HD to tell you where to place each propeller so that your drone is perfectly balanced in flight.


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