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Lot de 4 hélices pour R RAPTOR HD

Set of 4 propellers for R RAPTOR HD

Even the most advanced pilots may need to make some repairs on their drone after a rough flight. This set of 4 propellers is an essential item when flying a R Raptor HD pocket drone. Indeed, the propellers are the element which ensures your drone to remain perfectly stable in flight. Thus, it is important to change a damaged or loose propeller as soon as possible to make sure that it will not cause an imbalance leading to a shock that could damage your drone more severely.

The set of 4 propellers is composed of 2 clockwise propellers and 2 anti-clockwise propellers. It will therefore be necessary to ensure that the propellers are placed in the right place so that your drone can take off properly. To know where to place each propeller, you just need to refer to the indicator engraved on both the propeller concerned and on the corresponding arm.


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