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Lot de 4 hélices pour drone de poche SIMI HD

Set of 4 propellers for SIMI HD pocket drone

Get extra propellers for your SIMI HD Pocket drone

The SIMI HD propellers are sturdy but can still be damaged in a crash. Any good pilot should have on hand some spare propellers for his drone in case of breakage or loss. We recommend that you make the change without delay so you won’t risk doing any further damage to your drone (a damaged propeller causes a lack of balance which can easily lead to a loss of control)

This set of 4 propellers will allow you to quickly change the part as needed, without interrupting your flying session.

Be careful to install every propeller on the right arm to ensure that your drone will remain fully balanced. In fact, in order to remain stable, the SIMI HD is equipped with 2 propellers rotating clockwise and 2 other propellers rotating counter-clockwise. The trick here is simply to replace a propeller with a propeller of the same color. This way, you can be sure that the correct type of propeller is set on the correct location.

To change a propeller, you do not need to know much about mechanics. However, if you have any doubt do not hesitate to contact our Customer Happiness Team ! To replace a propeller, simply pull on the old one and replace it with a new propeller.


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