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Stabilisateur VIMBLE 2 pour smartphone

VIMBLE 2 stabilizer for smartphone

3-axis stabilizer for smartphone vlogs and videos

Get yourself a stabilizer that is design, efficient and accessible all at once to make quality videos with your smartphone.

Our smartphones often have high quality cameras and the only problem with videos shot wiwth a phone comes from parasitic vibrations. Indeed, it is difficult to obtain a totally fluid image when you move while holdinng your smartphone innn your hand. Because of these movements, your videos are less smooth and retain an “amateur” aspect that you can easily fix with a stabilizer. The VIMBLE 2 and its serrvomotors allow you to compensate these movements for a high quality result.

The shape of the handle of the stabilizer has been designed to ensure a comfortable use. Controls are at your fingertips without difficulty. The materials have also been selected for your comfort with a rugged and lightweight coating that will adapt even to low temperatures. In summary, the VIMBLE 2 is flexible, practical and multifunctional.

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  1. 3-axes stabilization3-axes stabilization
  2. Autonomy : 6hAutonomy : 6h
  3. ViCool (Android and iOs)ViCool (Android and iOs)
  4. VIMBLE 2 stabilizer for smartphoneBluetooth trigger
VIMBLE 2 stabilizer for smartphone

An mounting system that can be adapted to a large number of smartphone models

Thanks to an expandable mounting system, the VIMBLE 2 can accommodate phones with width from 57 to 84mm. It can hold devices up to 210g in landscape mode and 200g in portrait mode.

Here is a list of models compatible with this smartphone stabilizer : iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X, Huawei P9 / Mate 9, OPPO R9S, Samsung S7 , Nubia Z9 mini / Z 17, Mi 6, Honor V 10. Note that any model with dimensions and weight similar to the models mentioned above will be compatible with the VIMBLE 2

Once your smartphone is properly installed and balanced in your…

Once your smartphone is properly installed and balanced in your VIMBLE 2, you can turn on your gimbal and observe the difference. 3 servomotors are activated to compensate for the movements and vibrations and guarantee a smooth and high quality video.

Thanks to the function buttons on the handle of your stabilizer you can choose your stabilization mode

Panoramic Stabilization
Panoramic and tilting stabilization
Blocked mode

Vimble 2 stabilisateur smartphone

Your stabilizer now has an extendable handle

The VIMBLE 2 is the first 3-axis expandable stabilizer from Feiyu tech. Indeed, one of the novelties you will discover with this model is the 18-cm long extendable handle system.

It will give you more perspective when you want to take selfies, shoot vlogs or more generally take group photos. You have the chose between the regular handle or its extended version to ensure you perrfectly control the framing of what you want to shoot.

The VIMBLE 2 is the first 3-axis expandable stabilizer from…

A stabilizer designed for everyday use

With its expandable handle, the VIMBLE 2 is perfect for…

With its expandable handle, the VIMBLE 2 is perfect for vlogs or selfies. To complement this, the dedicated application (Android and iOS) allows you to turn the lens of your device toward you in a few clicks. To do this, simply pair your stabilizer with the Vicool App. Then click on the “function” button 3 times to get your stabilizer to rotate your phone to you in seconds.

The VIMBLE 2 also allowww you to rotate your smartphone in order to switch between landscape and portrait shooting.

Increased autonomy for further use of your stabilizer

The VIMBLE 2 has a battery autonomy of 5 hours thanks to its built-in 7.4V battery. You will also find a microUSB port on your stabilizer allowing you, if necessary, to link a powerbank (must have a capacity of 500mAH or more, not supplied) to the stabilizer for use up to 10 hours for longer shootings.

VIMBLE 2 stabilizer for smartphone

Connect your stabilizer to access additional features

There are two ways to remotely control your smartphone when…

There are two ways to remotely control your smartphone when it’s installed in your VIMBLE 2: The Bluetooth trigger on your VIMBLE 2 is a brand new, enhanced version developed for the new models. Thanks to this connection between your smartphone and your stabilizer, you can control the camera of the phone via the buttons on the VIMBLE 2 handle. A zoom wheel has also been added to the handle to allow you to create more professional content with no difficulty.

The Vicool app, meanwhile, will allow you to administer more elaborate shots like different types of timelapse and panoramic shots.

Create great content

Timelapses or accelerated videos always make for a good show. Your phone will capture a frame at regular intervals before reassembling the frames into a video. The VIMBLE 2 allows you to make 3 types of timelapses :

timelapse classique

Regular Timelapse :

Your camera will capture onne frame at regular intervals while you maintain control over the framing

timelapse circle

Rotating Timelapse :

Program your VIMBLE 2 to circle at a steady speed while your camera captures frames at regular intervals

timelapse programme

Dynamic Timelapse :

Vicool also lets you program a path that your VIMBLE 2 will follow to your device while it captures frames at regular intervals. To set the trajectory, simply draw on your screen.

This same principle will allow you to make perfectly fitting panoramic photos. Your application helps you follow a straight path so that the different parts of your panoramic shot are perfectly aligned.

VIMBLE 2 stabilizer for smartphone

Main features


Weight: 428g
Size: 110 x 118 x 323 mm

Smartphone Stabilizer
Max width: between 57 and 84 mm
Max weight: 200g

3 servomotors for 3-axis stabilization
Panning angle: 320 °
Tilting angle: 320 °
Rolling angle: 320 °


1300mAH 7.4V Lithium Battery
Autonomy : 5h
Powerbank compatible  (not included)

Functions and connection

Bluetooth Trigger
App: ViCool (available for Android and iOS)

Path programming function

1/4″ screw at the end of the handle

+ 1/4″ screw small tripod


Included in the pack: 1X Stabilizer VIMBLE 2 1X 1300mAH…

Included in the pack:

1X Stabilizer VIMBLE 2
1X 1300mAH 7.4V Battery
1X Smal ltripod
1X charging cable
1X Safety strap
1X User Manual

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