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Wifi camera for VEGA drone

Wifi camera for VEGA drone

A removable mini WiFi camera recording in VGA 30fps for VEGA drone.

A MINI CAMERA WIFI AMOVIBLE fixed just below you can determine the orientation manually before takeoff. Photo taking and video recording is triggered via the smartphone app PNJ WiFi (iOS/Android). The photos and videos are saved directly to your smartphone.
Installing the camera on the base below the drone by inserting the legs of the cameras in the notches provided for this purpose. Gently push to the end to secure the camera. Make sure the camera lens is pointing toward the front of the drone.
Connect the camera connector to the drone.
Insert a Micro SD card (not included) into the slot on the back of the WiFi camera. Push the card in until you hear a click. Caution, be sure to insert the micro SD card in the correct direction, as shown in the image above.


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