WG2 3-axis waterproof gimbal

WG2 3-axis waterproof gimbal

Every GoPro, AEE or PNJ action cam users know that they are perfect for creating immersive shots during all kinds of activities. However, movements and other vibrations often decrease the quality of your videos. For this reason, motorized stabilizers are becoming more and more common and allow you to make professional-quality videos.

However, until now this type of tool was very poorly…

However, until now this type of tool was very poorly suited to wet environments, or to direct contact with water. Feiyu launched, few years ago, one of the first splash-resistant stabilizers with its G5, a 3-axis stabilizer for Action cam. Today, the brand goes further by launching a gimbal 3 axes totally waterproof up to a depth of 50cm in soft water. There is still a long way to go but it is a great innovation that will delight lovers of whitewater activities.

A gimbal designed for your acquatic activities

Paired with a camera able to go underwater without a…

Paired with a camera able to go underwater without a waterproof case, the WG2 is the perfect accessory for your aquatic activities such as rafting, hydrospreed, or kayak. Attach your camera to your boat, your wrist, helmet or chest thanks to our selection of accessories available on PNJ.fr. Be careful, however, to keep your camera relatively shock-protected as it will be used without a protective case.

Plus, with its 9cm width, 10cm height and 4cm depth and its 265g (without camera) weight, this waterproof 3-axis stabilizer is also very compact and can comealong with you during all your activities. Whether secured on you or in its carrying case, the WG2 has been designed to move around with you.

An ingenious fastening system for optimal compatibility

WG2 3-axis waterproof gimbal

The Gimbal WG2 comes with 2 types of fasteners. This means that regardless of the action cam model you are using, you are sure to be able to adapt them to the stabilizer. The fastening system with long screws has been designed to allow put in and take out your action cam with bare hand, without needing to use any tool.

Multiply videos with 4 modes of stabilization

The WG2 by Feiyu is a 3-axis gimbal :

  • Panning angle : 360°
  • Rolling angle : 70°
  • Tilting angle : 360°

Panning mode :

The rolling and tilting axes are fixed. The objective follows the trajectory described by the user’s hand and switches to a horizontal axis.

Panning and tilting mode :

The rolling axis is fixed. The lens follows the movements of the user’s hand on the 2 free axes. The nacelle tilts both on a horizontal axis and on the tilting axis.

Fixed mode :

The orientation of the camera is fixed. This mode allows you to create a focus on a particular object.

Reverse mode :

The camera rotates on its horizontal axis to face the user. This allows you to create a selfie or a panoramic shot.

Stay on top with a regularly updated firmware

Keeping your WG2 up to date has never been easier. You can simply connect your stabilizer to your computer with a simple USB cable to install the latest firmware. You will find the USB driver, firmware and firmware update software in the download section, further down this page or at www.feiyu-tech.com.

WG2 3-axis waterproof gimbal

For even more simplicity, you can use the application “Feiyu on” to update your gimbal. In order to do this, you simply need to pair your smartphone and stabilizer via Bluetooth. Then use the software update interface provided by your application.


Gimbal :

Dimensions : 89 x 60 x 40 mm
Weight : 265g

Battery :

500mAh battery Autonomy : 2h30

Motorization :

Motors : 3 brushless motors
Stabilization axes : 3 axes
Panning angle  : 360°
Rolling angle : 70°
Tilting angle : 360°

Functions and features :

Compatibility : Action cams
Compatible devices : Action cam with depth between 61 and 78mm

Water resistance : Up to 10 minutes to less than 50cm deep in fresh water

Bluetooth : Yes

Path programming function available


Included in the pack : 1X WG2 gimbal by Feiyu…

Included in the pack :

  • 1X WG2 gimbal by Feiyu
  • 2 Packs of mounts for action cam
  • 1X Carrying case
  • 1X Charge cable
  • 1X User manual