Warranty policy

Your actions cams, drones, stabilizers and robots are guaranteed 2 years

Ever since march, 18th 2016, PNJ guarantees for 2 years the conformity of its articles and protects you against hidden defects that could not be detected before the purchase. For items bought before this date, the guarantee period remains of 1 year.

Compliance Guarantee

If you detect a non-conformity with your product within 15 days following its receipt, you can contact our Support team to try and find a solution together as soon as possible. If the non-conformity is proven right, you will be able to choose between an exchange or a refund. In the event that an exchange is not possible the product will be refunded within 1 month starting from the date of your complaint.

Guarantee against hidden defects

Your PNJ product has a 2 year warranty. During this period, your drone, cam action, stabilizer or robot is covered against any manufacturing defect.
Some hidden defects can not be detected before the sale of a product. In this case, you can issue a complaint over a period of 2 years following the discovery of the defect.

Accessories and spare parts

The 2-years guarantee is appliable to our action cams, drones, stabilizers and robots but the lenght of the guarantee can differ on complementary items.

Drones accessories and spare parts

Drone-related items are under guarantee for 1 year except for the motors, batteries and motor controllers.

The spare parts for drones are guaranteed for 1 year except for the motors, batteries and motor controllers (ESC) that remain under guarantee for 6 months.

The warranty does not cover parts such as the armour of the drone, propellers, landing gears and radio control components damaged as a result of a voluntary-or-not collision, subject to a normal deterioration due to the repeated use of the drone, or which would have been brought into contact with a liquid. Also, it does not cover batteries that would have been connected to an unsuitable charger, or chargers connected to an AC adapter.

Products which have undergone transformations, modifications, customizations or any other assemblage can not be the subject of a guarantee request.

Action cams accessories and spare parts

Spare parts provided by the brand AEE come with a 2-year guarantee period while the spare parts from other brands come with a 1-year guarantee.

When it comes to accessories, the product is under guaranty for a year from the date of purchase.

Not every item is eligible for guarantee request though. This warranty does not cover batteries, cases and other accessories showing cracks resulting from shocks. The guarantee can not be applied in the case of damage due to misuse of the items, failure to observe precautions for use, accidents or improper maintenance.

Robots accessories and spare parts

Robot-related items come with a 2-years guarantee period

Beyond 2 years, PNJ remains at your service

If your product is no longer under warranty, you can still contact our After Sales Service. We will prepare a quote corresponding to the intervention required on your device. After obtaining your agreement, we will proceed with the repairs.